Endoscope Drying Cabinet


The Olympus Endoscope Drying Cabinet (EDC) is a drying and storage cabinet dedicated for use on flexible medical endoscopes. The use of the EDC allows immediate reuse of endoscopes, even after extended storage periods. A disinfection prior to reuse will be not required.

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Key benefits

Endoscope drying

The use of pressurised medical grade dry air during drying and storage inside EDC provides highly efficient endoscope drying. With optimised settings, users can save up to 50% of dry air consumption during storage. No heating is needed.


The EDC is embedded into the Olympus CDS System Approach. This will allow full traceability of each individual endoscope during daily workflow.


Depending on the model, EDCs build in interfaces allow the transfer of relevant drying/storage parameters to either a printer or to external databases (i.e.: ENDOALPHA).

Compatible endoscopes

The EDC is compatible with Olympus and other flexible endoscope brands. Dedicated adapters support effective air flush to all endoscope internal channels.

Proven efficacy

Tests conducted by institutes like BIOTECH GERMANDE or the Dutch TNO have successfully proven the drying efficacy of the EDC.

The EDC offers effective drying and safe storage of flexible endoscopes and therefore utmost safety at all times, even after extended storage periods. The use of compressed dry air offers efficient drying on all cavities inside the endoscope and the outside. Full traceability and documentation during daily workflow is provided by the incorporation of RFID technology.

Different EDC models
The EDC is available in different models, in order to ideally fulfill your workflow requirements, Model B: basic version for up to 7 endoscopes; Model D: in addition offers full documentation; Model E: for up to 14 small lumen endoscopes.

Is based on RFID technology. The RFID are fully compatible with all other Olympus endoscope traceability applications. All endoscope and user relevant data can be traced and transfered into the Olympus CDS workflow traceability and the ENDOALPHA Documentation (EndoBase).

Endoscope protection
Access to endoscopes can be limited only to authorised staff, ensuring that endoscopes stay safe and uncontaminated inside the cabinet.

Environmental friendly
As the EDC uses compressed medical grade dry air for drying of the endoscopes, no heating or other air treatments are required. The environment around the EDC will therefore not be spoiled with heat or noise.

Easy maintenance
All relevant monitoring equipment is located inside a drawer next to the cabinet. This allows easy access for service and maintenance activities.

Low power consumption
The EDC only requires low amount of electrical power as there is no need for power extensive air heating.

DimensionsWidth1,280 mm
 Depth470 mm
 Height2,130–2,179 mm (adjustable feet)
 Weight200 kg
 Depth of chamber370 mm
 Volume of cabinet0.6 m³
 Number of endoscope positionsModel B+D = 7
Model E = 14
 Drying time (default setting)120 minutes
 Storage time (default setting)168 hours
 Medical deviceClass 1
Electrical connectionsPower supply230 V
 ConnectionsL1, N, PE
 Frequency50 Hz
 Max. current0.9 A
 Max. power consumption149 W
Air supplyCompressed airPressurised medical-grade dry air (dust and oil free)
 ConnectionPreferably ½" outer thread (hose Ø 8 mm)
 Pressure3–8 bar
 Dew point– 43°C
 Max. consumptionModel B + D = 100 l/min 7 scopes
Model E = 120 l/min 14 scopes
No interval air supply during drying
 Air feed into chamber 
 Internal ventilator30 m³/h
 HEPA filter0,3 μ/99,97 DOP
 Resistance HEPA filter200 Pa
 Filter classmin. 7

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