EndoCapsule System

The comprehensive EndoCapsule System EC-1 enables confident diagnosis in the small bowel due to sophisticated imaging technology and features that provide excellent observation, thorough data and powerful analysis.

Key benefits

Advanced Capsule Endoscopy

High-resolution imaging, real-time viewing and ease of use make EndoCapsule a comprehensive and powerful system for diagnosis in the small bowel.

With EndoCapsule, Olympus brings 50 years of endoscopic imaging experience to the non-invasive method of capsule endoscopy, redefining the power of this diagnostic technique with high-resolution imaging, real-time viewing and ease of use. Accuracy and ideal imaging conditions are ensured by the ultra-compact lens, supersensitive CCD, wide field of view and six white LED lights. Automatic brightness control adjusts illumination to maintain optimal imaging and the compact real time viewer enables clear real time observation of the capsule’s location throughout the procedure.

High-resolution imaging
EndoCapsule incorporates sophisticated imaging technology in an ultra-compact lens with a supersensitive CCD. Automatic brightness control maintains optimal illumination, while a wide depth of field and six white LED lights ensure the clearest view.

Real time viewer
The compact real time viewer with colour LCD monitor enables clear real time observation throughout the procedure. This facilitates confirmation of the location of the capsule in the GI tract and checking whether the capsule has left the stomach.

Workstation & software
An integrated workstation contains proprietary EndoCapsule software, which incorporates a number of modes and functions such as overview and express viewing functions that save time, optimise observation and enable more efficient analysis.

Combining Olympus Endoalpha Documentation (ENDOBASE) with the EC-1 EndoCapsule system streamlines all endoscopy procedures. ENDOBASE enables report creation as well as image storage or transfer to a hospital server.

OpticsField of view (maximum)145°
 Depth of field0 - 20 mm
Sampling rate 2 fps
Power supplyPower sourceInternal battery
Battery life 8 hours
SizeWeight 3.8 g
 DimensionsØ 11 (diameter) x 26 (length) mm
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