Fully integrated bipolar & ultrasonic technology

THUNDERBEAT is the world's FIRST integrated hand instrument that delivers the benefits of both advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energy in a single device. This unique integration of energy modalities combines proven safety of secure haemostasis from advanced bipolar energy with the speed and precision of ultrasonic dissection.

THUNDERBEAT features two handle styles and four working lengths to meet a variety of surgeons’ procedural preferences for both laparoscopic and open surgery.

Key benefits

Unprecedented Versatility

- Reliable 7 mm vessel sealing & cutting
- Very precise dissection with unique, fine jaws design
- Fastest-in-class cutting of any advanced energy device
- Minimal thermal spread
- Improved visibility with reduced mist generation
- Significant time savings by minimized need to exchange for other instrument
- Manage secondary bleedings by bipolar mode only

Revolutionary Jaw Design

THUNDERBEAT devices feature a patented "Centre-Pivot" jaw design that evenly distributes closing pressures independent of tissue thickness or type, producing consistently superior vessel seals plus higher grasping and dissecting forces.

Olympus Surgical Tissue Management System

THUNDERBEAT's associated Surgical Tissue Management System generators also support Olympus’ Resection in Saline system for gynaecology and urology, as well as conventional bipolar and monopolar energy.
A truly universal energy platform for the operating theatre.

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    Low Anterior Resection with THUNDERBEAT

    MP4 [18.17 MB] – Low Anterior Resection with THUNDERBEAT

    Ultrasonic and advanced bipolar energy in a unique instrument design ensures an evenly distribution of pressure independent of tissue thickness or type producing consistently superior vessel sealing.

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    Pulmonary Lobectomy with THUNDERBEAT

    MP4 [25.28 MB] – Pulmonary Lobectomy with THUNDERBEAT

    Pulmonary resection upper right lobe
    Prof. R. Schlumpf - Switzerland

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    Adrenalectomy with THUNDERBEAT

    MP4 [24.97 MB] – Adrenalectomy with THUNDERBEAT

    Prof. R. Schlumpf - Switzerland

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    Gastric Bypass with THUNDERBEAT

    MP4 [19.99 MB] – Gastric Bypass with THUNDERBEAT

    Gastric Bypass
    Prof. R. Schlumpf - Switzerland

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System compatibility

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NEW ergonomic handle

Thinner front grip provides direct tactile feedback for blunt dissection.

Wider rear grip provides the stability when grasping and cutting tissue.

NEW ergonomic handle