Biliary and Pancreatic Plastic Stents

A huge variety of stents both as preloaded and single stents in many different lengths and shapes and with innovative properties offers an optimal biliary and pancreatic drainage.

Key Products

Biliary preloaded polyethylene stents - QuickPlaceV

The preloaded QuickPlace V biliary polyethylene stents are available as 7, 8.5 , 10 Fr. and 12 Fr. in lengths from 30 to 180 mm. They come as straight, duodenal bend and center bend models and make stent placement as easy as possible.

Biliary preloaded DoubleLayer stents - QuickPlaceV

The preloaded biliary DoubleLayer stents are available as 10 Fr. duodenal bend models from 50 to 150 mm stent length. The stents feature a unique double-layer construction to optimize performance: The inner layer is made of a special material that is five times smoother than conventional plastic stents. The outer layer provides stiffness and elasticity for smooth passage through a stricture.

Biliary single polyethylene stents

The biliary polyethylene stents offer the right combination of flexibility and stiffness. The tapered design of the distal end facilitates insertion into the bile duct. The flaps and side holes are designed to increase reliability and reduce migration.

Stent insertion kits

The single use stent insertion kits are available as conventional and one-action stent insertion kits. The insertion kits ensure a good pushability and the easiest possible handling when used with the V-System endoscope.

Biliary plastic stents - preloaded

Biliary plastic stents

Pancreatic plastic stents

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