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    OES Pro Resectoscope

    • Improved view and ergonomy
    • Patient safety
    • Smooth operation
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    OES Pro Resectoscope with PDD

    • Higher detection rates
    • Higher detection of CIS lesions
    • Optimal treatment of lesions with TURis
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    TURis Long Resectoscope

    • Extra-long resectoscope for special patients
    • Improved visualisation and low pressure conditions
    • Modular design with specially adapted outer sheaths
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    Morcellator Telescope

    • Simplify Morcellation - to shorten morcellation and procedure time
    • Innovative Tip design
    • Improved safety
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    OES Pro Laser Resectoscopes

    • More precise best Olympus image
    • Excellent ergonomics - Based on the award winning OES Pro system
    • Partly adaptable and versatile
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    Bipolar Resection


    • Faster due to vaporisation electrode
    • Safer by the use of saline
    • Electrical plasma increases precision
6 Results
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