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    Standardise on one guidewire<br>without compromise


    • Secure Access
    • Atraumatic Navigation
    • Design Durability
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    • Full HDTV in 3D
    • Angulation up to 100°
    • Focus-free
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    3D processor


    • Mixing of left and right images
    • Output to multiple monitors
    • Switching between 2D and 3D observation
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    • Multiple 3D input signal formats and interfaces
    • 2D/3D switching function
    • L/R switch (2D mode)
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    Extending the Art of Surgery to new dimensions

    VISERA ELITE Imaging Platform

    • VISERA ELITE Processor
    • VISERA ELITE Light Source
    • IMH Image Capture Devices
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    30 Watt Holmium:YAG laser

    Dornier Medilas H Solvo

    • Medilas H Solvo 30 Watt Holmium:YAG laser
    • Improved stone dusting
    • Wireless footswitch
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    Space-saving 20 Watt Holmium:YAG laser

    Dornier Medilas H Uropulse

    • Medilas H UroPulse 20 Watt Holmium:YAG laser
    • Improved stone dusting
    • Wireless footswitch
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    Surgical Systems

    ShockPulse-SE Lithotriptor

    • Superior speed and suction efficiency
    • Intuitive surgeon control
    • Versatility
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    A wide range for laparoscopic surgery

    HICURA hand instruments

    • Powerful grasping and optimized dissection
    • Ergonomic and comfortable handling
    • Easy assembly and sterilization
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    Versatility, Speed, and Precision

    THUNDERBEAT Open Extended Jaw

    • Integration of two forms of energy
    • Secondary hemostasis and spot coagulation
    • Innovative instrument tip design
110 Results
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