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Made for extreme cold

Live your active lifestyle to the extreme – and take your Tough TG-850 with you. Capture amazing action scenes on the slopes while skiing or snowboarding. This camera can take it thanks to its freezeproof functionality down to –10°C, making it your ultimate wintertime companion.



    Is ready for the slopes in up to –10°C weather



    Takes a dive down to 10m under the water



    Handles a jolt from 2.1m or impacts of 100kg

TG-850: Three adventure-ready features

Creative, sharp shots

Integrated image stabilisation technology ensures sharp details even while you’re on the move.

The ultra-wide 21mm lens gives you more creative shooting options.

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Convenient essential

Adventures are more fun with friends. So get a creative photo of them underwater – the tilting LCD makes it easy.

With the tilting LCD, you have complete control over the viewpoint.

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Special photography

A picture is worth a thousand words – and time-lapse movies too.

Interval Shooting allows you to capture ongoing movements at pre-set intervals.

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Discover the benefits of wide angles with image stabilisation

The absolute best in optical technology has been expertly engineered to achieve an
ultra-wide 21mm lens that doesn’t compromise on image quality. And the
TG-850 is the first Tough camera to have such a wide lens. Even at 5x optical zoom, it maintains its brilliant performance. The lens works with the D-SLR-based lens-shift stabilisation technology, which counteracts handshake, to deliver clear images even in low light.

Easily take creative underwater photos

The TG-850 is the first camera in the Tough class to feature a tilting LCD screen while retaining its compact, slim size. Shoot fascinating perspectives – from high to low angles. To add a creative touch, get a brilliant shot of fellow adventure-lovers directly at the water’s surface while enjoying a dive in the pool or sea – without ever getting your own face wet.

TG-850: Savour the moment

So you can capture the full glory of the moment – like beautiful sunrises, unique moments of action or simply the movement of the stars – Interval Shooting enables special time-lapse movies. This smart feature takes photos (1–99) of the scene at pre-set intervals (10 sec.–60 min.), which you can then use to generate a dynamic time-lapse sequence using a movie program on your computer.

Some more Tough TG-850 features

Art Filter

Choose from any of the 7 Art Filters to add a personal, creative touch to all of your photos. Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pin Hole and Grainy Film are just a few that you’ll enjoy trying out.

60p Full HD Video

High-resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080) teams up with 60p functionality to deliver a master in movie-making – so you enjoy smooth moving images, with fewer jagged edges, in breathtaking image quality.


Combining a high-speed 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and high-performance TruePic image processing engine, iHS technology lets you perfectly capture exactly the scenes you want – beautifully and in sharp quality.

Wi-Fi & OI.Share

Sharing your great shots with your social network is easier than ever – with OI.Share and the WiFi-enabled FlashAir™ card for excellent wireless connectivity between your camera and mobile device.

TruePic VII

Together with the high-speed sensor, the next-generation TruePic VII image processor adapts precisely to the specific lens aperture you’re using – for spectacular photos and videos with true-to-life vibrancy.

Other features

  • iAUTO
  • 7.6cm/3.0″ 460,000 dot LCD
  • 16 Megapixel backlit CMOS


High-speed shooting capabilities enable you to capture even the fastest moving objects in super slo-mo clarity with 120fpsor even 240fps. Record movement that isn’t even visible to the human eye – then play it back in slow motion on a TV, frame by frame.


Rather than just having one chance at a shot, fast continuous shooting allows you to capture all the action and movement as it happens in frame-by-frame precision.


Allows the user to create an impressive super wide-angle wrap-around photo simply by panning the camera horizontally or vertically. There’s no need to pay attention to points of intersection – the camera knits the separate stills together automatically.


Using both a FlashAir card in a compatible camera, and the OI.Share application on your smartphone, your stills and movies can now be quickly and easily transferred to your mobile device wirelessly, stills can be edited directly in the app with the addition of Art Filters and shared with friends and family through your social networks. Your FlashAir card settings can be controlled from the dedicated menu incorporated in your camera, making smartphone linkage easy even without using a PC.


An Eye-Fi card enables you to automatically upload images using WiFi. Being compatible with your camera, you can activate and deactivate this card as you wish directly in your setting menu. Whenever the need or moment arises, you can then share photos and movies on your camera directly with other devices. You can transfer them to your mobile device and then share them with friends and family through your social networks.


Unlike normal digital zooms, which trade off image resolution and sharpness against zooming power, Olympus’ Super-Resolution Zoom digitally extends the range of the optical zoom. For example, it can boost a 12.5x Optical Zoom to 25x without any noticeable loss of image quality.


A technology that searches for faces in a composition and recognizes them as the main subject. It then automatically puts them in focus and optimally adjusts exposure to create an image that’s sharp in the right places and ideally exposed. Available for photos and videos, Advanced Face Detection Technology can detect up to 8 faces.


Recognizing a greater variety of scenes and automatically applying the correct settings to create the best possible shot, the enhanced new version of iAuto makes it easy to take professional-looking photos and movies at the touch of a button, even underwater.


This system tracks a moving subject automatically and keeps it continuously in focus for optimally exposed pictures. It even memorizes the subject when it goes out of frame and resumes tracking when it reappears.


Take beautiful photos of people in high-contrast situations that would normally be difficult to capture. Harnessing the power of the TruePic processor, Advanced Shadow Adjustment Technology automatically adjusts the brightness and gradation, reducing picture noise in dark areas to create a natural-looking photo.


Instead of recording just one shot, your camera takes multiple images very quickly at different exposure settings. Then it automatically merges them. The result is a collage of photos blended seamlessly together into one perfectly exposed combined final shot. Capture your scene just as you see it, no matter if you’re shooting against the light.


The world’s first* Hybrid 5-Axis Movie image stabilisation in a compact camera is designed to counteract blurring in movies even in low light, with long shots and when you’re on the move.


Hand-held Starlight Mode counteracts picture noise and camera shake to capture razor-sharp photos by taking multiple images at different exposure settings. It then selects and merges the most suitable gradation for each part of the photo, resulting in a perfectly exposed photo that you couldn’t normally shoot in poor light without using a tripod. Simply point your Olympus and shoot.

7.6cm/3.0″ 460,000 dot LCD

Olympus 3 Displays are the first choice for easy framing, reviewing and sharing of photos and movies. The imaging power of these monitors is characterised by vivid colour reproduction and high levels of contrast with improved resolution up to 460k dots and great new technologies for even further improved viewing and framing possibilities."

16 Megapixel backlit CMOS

For high-quality full-size movies, stills and prints up to 16 Megapixels. Using a backlit CMOS Sensor, gain better image quality with less noise for improved image detail, especially in low-light situations.

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