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Come & meet the PENgeneration

Get inspired by our European bloggers & stories and become part of the OLYMPUS PEN Generation

E‑PL7, Olympus, Compact System Cameras, PEN


A real eye‑catcher
  • Slim silhouette
  • Premium design
  • Beautiful selfies
E‑PL6, Olympus, Compact System Cameras, PEN


Share in style
  • Slim enough to take anywhere
  • Stunning image quality
  • Customise to suit your style
E‑PL5, Olympus, Compact System Cameras, PEN


Cool camera for hot shots
  • Slim for taking everywhere
  • Brilliant “wow” shots
  • Clever design & extras
E‑P5, Olympus, Compact System Cameras, PEN


Fully PEN in style and performance
  • Unmistakable timeless style
  • Premium retro design
  • Sharp, high‑quality images

Get the look: What is your PEN Style?

  • E-PL7

    "The camera looks great, feels lovely to hold and is a pleasure to use. The slim zoom lens means it fits in my bag so it comes with me everywhere. I can take exciting high quality pictures and share them easily. This new remote control facility from my phone is brilliant."

  • E-PL6

    “I love how this camera feels, I can add accessories to suit me and it fits in my bag so easily! It takes images I can be really proud of and the WiFi card lets me share them with friends straight away.”

  • E-PL5

    "I have a lovely looking camera that lets me show off to my friends with images I could never get from my smartphone or compact and I can add accessories to make it look individual to me."

  • E-P5

    "I stand out from the crowd with a camera that looks and feels great. Feel reassured with performance in terms of speed and image quality that is more than a match for a DSLR."

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