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The PEN E-PL7 is a real gem.

My newest style gem

A shopping tour in Paris or Milan is my favourite treat. I just love it. I’m addicted to elegant clothes, gold and high quality accessories as they show off my feminine side. That is just what I had in mind when I bought my PEN E-PL7. It suits my chic style. The camera’s slim silhouette, white glossy body and lovely hand grip complete my elegant look. It becomes the centre of attraction whenever I wear it.


High-class look

When I go out, my look has to be perfect – in an elegant style all my own. The PEN E-PL7 is made of premium metal enhanced with a leather-look finish that underlines my personal sophistication. The camera fits perfectly in my handbag even with all my other treasured accessories, thanks to its slim design. Every detail – the attractive grip, the placement of the dials – keeps me looking fabulous.


Express yourself!

I never know who I might meet while shopping or enjoying the best seat in a café so I make sure I’m always prepared with my PEN E-PL7. It lets me take great selfies and is a cinch to use – take the LCD, which folds down and makes sure my hands don’t get in the way of the shot. A whole host of other bits and pieces mean my pictures come out crisp and beautiful.


Showing off my photos

Once I had the perfect poses with the PEN E-PL7, I was ready to share them with friends and followers instantly on my blog. I didn’t need any messy cables – I just transferred the photos to my mobile via the camera WiFi and then posted them from there. That’s it!

Getting creative

My creativity isn’t just limited to my fashion savviness. So it’s great that the PEN E-PL7 also lets me express myself to the full using any one of 14 Art Filters and 9 Art Effects. I love the new Vintage and Partial Colour filters. They give my photos a special touch.

Partial Color


Which PEN suits you best?

Here’s an easy overview of the four new PEN cameras, their features, colours available and more. Regardless of which PEN is right for you, you’re guaranteed style and uncompromising quality.







Perfect slim size for slipping into your handbag and easily taking great shots


Premium metal with leather-look, eye-catching grip

Premium metal with a choice of eye-catching grips


14 Art Filters, 9 Art Effects

12 Art Filters, 7 Art Effects


Selfies are easy with the flip-down LCD

Get that creative shot you want with the tiltable LCD


  • Adorable design
  • Perfectly slim size
  • Flexible shooting with a smartphone
  • Express & share with your friends thanks to built-in WiFi
  • Incredible design
  • Slim on-the-town companion
  • Sharing pictures is easy: The Expression Kit includes a WiFi Card
  • Incredible design
  • Slim, take-anywhere size
  • FAST Autofocus for spur-of-the-moment shots
  • Eye-catching, retro design
  • Ultimate image quality thanks to high-speed tech
  • Share your pro shots via WiFi

Other features

  • Movie
  • Distincitve selfies
  • Touch screen
  • Photo Story
  • Art Filters
  • Underwater accessory
  • Expandability
  • Interval Shooting


Wherever you are and whenever you like, make your movie with the best sound quality! But that's not all: you can also show off your creativity by using the 12 Art Filters and 7 Art Effects. It's the new way to impress.

Distincitve selfies

Shaky selfies? That's just what you don't want! Thanks to the camera's built-in image stabiliser, every selfie will impress.

Touch screen

The format and the resolution of the large screen are made to perform, enabling you to get a good view and the perfect shot just by touching the LCD. A new highlight: the touch-screen LCD flips downwards, so you can say goodbye to fingers in your pictures.

Photo Story

And what is your story? Express yourself and tell us your story in one picture. Besides current layouts like Speed, Fun Frame, Standard or Zoom In/Out, you have several layout options to express and show your creativity.

Art Filters

If you are looking for new ways to express your creativity, then you'll love the 14 Art Filters and 9 Art Effects for giving your images an individual touch. The Vintage Art Filter brings the past to the present, while Partial Colour highlights puts any eye-catching highlight of your choice in the limelight.

Underwater accessory

Want to capture a mermaid in pictures? No problem! Your PEN is prepared for everything. Fashion, lifestyle or adventure shots, choose the right underwater accessory for you and have more fun underwater.


Always up-to-date, the OLYMPUS PEN and technologies never sleep. A wide variety of lenses and tools expand your creativity, such as the incredible 45mm portrait lens for stunning pro-quality faces.

Interval Shooting

Looking for incredible pictures? Produce time lapse sequences where time appears to move faster, thanks to the user-friendly interval shooting and time lapse movie features.

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