Ethics and Integrity

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»At Olympus, we recognize the damage that bribery and corruption can cause to society. As set forth in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, we take pride in conducting our business with a strong sense of fairness, honesty, and ethics. Olympus signed the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact and declared its full commitment to these recognized international standards which include, amongst others, combating corruption and bribery. In this way, the Olympus Europa Group has a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and strives to conduct business without the use of corrupt practices or acts of bribery to obtain an unfair advantage. This zero tolerance approach applies to all Olympus employees and officers.

To achieve this, the Olympus Europa Group is committed to the following:

  • Refusing to make bribes, or authorizing the making of bribes on Olympus’ behalf, with the intention to gain a business advantage;
  • Refusing to accept bribes, or agreeing to them being accepted on Olympus’ behalf, with the intention to unfairly influence business;
  • Ensuring that all Olympus employees and officers in Europe know the values and principles set forth in our Code of Ethics;
  • Avoiding business relationships with third parties who do not accept or follow the ten principles of the UN Global Compact;
  • Developing and implementing guidelines and processes to avoid bribery, as well as other illegal practices at Olympus; and
  • Regularly reviewing and updating relevant procedures, as deemed necessary.

The prevention, detection and reporting of bribery and corruption is the responsibility of all Olympus employees and officers in Europe. All individuals and organizations that have business relationships with Olympus, such as distributors, suppliers, or any other business partners, are encouraged to help to avoid and prevent bribery and corruption and to contact Olympus if any important questions or concerns arise. Several points of contact are available to discuss or report any point or question in relation to bribery and corruption. All telephone numbers and E-mail addresses are made available on all European Olympus websites in local language. The information is also made available on the last page of our Olympus Europe Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which may also be found on the European Olympus websites.«

Constantin Zangemeister, Executive Managing Director at Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG

The guidelines, principles and values set forth in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct reaffirm our commitment to deal with integrity and professionalism across our operations. By creating this framework, the Code of Ethics helps us to guide our behavior and our decision-making, in order to maintain the highest ethical standards throughout our organisation.

What we do matters and how we act at work matters. Through these actions, we intend to maintain the trust of our stakeholders. Our Global Code of Conduct explains our unwavering commitment to integrity, our passion for what we do, and our shared standard of excellence. Our Code is designed to help put Our Purpose and Core Values into practice. It serves as our guide to ethical and responsible business conduct, along with local policies and procedures.

The Integrity Line is a confidential, 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year service, which is operated by an independent company. The Integrity Line is available to all employees, as well as to all Olympus business partners, who need to request assistance or report a potential ethics violation. You may call in total confidence, knowing that the call will not be traced. Anyone using the Integrity Line may remain anonymous, except where specifically prohibited by local law. Your name or any facts which may identify you individually will only be communicated to Olympus or anybody else with your explicit consent. All matters reported through the Integrity Line will be given full consideration and thoroughly investigated

How to reach the Integrity Line

You may contact the Integrity Line in your native language via:

1. From an outside line dial the direct access number for your location:
United Kingdom (British Telecom) 0-800-89-0011
Ireland (UIFN) 00-800-222-55288
Ireland 1-800-550-000

2. At the English prompt dial: 844-277-1698

The phone numbers for the Integrity Line in other countries can be found online at

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