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At Olympus, we believe that the experience and know-how gained by our employees in their professional lives can empower young adults – especially those from deprived backgrounds – on their journey into the future. To help the next generation thrive, we share our knowledge in the most appropriate way – at the local level. Since not everyone has the same opportunities for participating in work and education, our local CSR activities focus on supporting young adults to successfully enter professional life. Read how Olympus employees act as mentors for young people during this time of transition.

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Social Responsibility - Future Careers

Smoothing the way into the labour market

To nurture and build the talent and skills of young people Olympus UK & Ireland provides financial support to students that have been identified by their schools as potential high achievers and come from limited income families.

We collaborate with local schools situated within economically disadvantaged areas of Southend, to improve young people’s life chances and make University, College or Apprenticeship study accessible.

The Break the Mould scheme takes place annually and we stay in contact with our students following their progress up to, and including, when they secure a job.

Supporting young people in Hamburg on their way into the labour market

During a six-month programme, JOBLINGE participants (aged 18 to 25) undertake various internships and training sessions to support them in gaining access to the working world. Moreover, they regularly meet with a mentor (an adult with an established career) who is ready to lend an ear and offer hands-on advice.

Olympus has been a shareholder and founding partner to JOBLINGE gAG since September 2014, and became a mentoring partner in 2016. We encourage our employees to act as a mentor at JOBLINGE to share their experience and knowledge with young adults and simultaneously develop their own skills in the role as a mentor. To enhance this skill-building aspect, we offer a special training programme for mentors – who can be our employees as well as other volunteers. The programme takes place at the Olympus Europe site in Hamburg. A number of Olympus employees have already successfully taken the role as a mentor and will continue to do so.

It works!

Every participant in the JOBLINGE programme has a clear goal in sight: he or she wants to get an apprenticeship. With great personal commitment and investment on all sides, approximately 80 per cent of all participants successfully enter the world of work. For this impressive track record, JOBLINGE received the PHINEO label in 2016 that recognises effective projects and high-performing organisations.

But it’s not only the JOBLINGE participants who benefit from the programme. By supporting young people, many mentors have been able to expand their own networks, gain new perspectives, and improve their conversational or coaching skills while also learning more about themselves.

“Mentoring shows you a different perspective and you also learn to be grateful for what you have and where you come from.”Björn Redlich, employee at Olympus Surgical Technologies, Europe.

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