Medical advances have significantly contributed to a better quality of life and a higher life expectancy in industrialised nations over past decades. Yet there are still far too many people today who have no access to professional healthcare. At Olympus – and particularly in our Medical Systems Division – we possess the right know-how and products to maximise medical potential, bring healthcare to marginalised and disadvantaged groups in society and overall to enhance the lives of these people.

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Social Responsibility - Healthcare - Midwife School

Midwives receive professional training in a state-run midwifery school in Togo to act as tomorrow's lifesavers for mothers and their babies.

Making the world a healthier place

Decreasing mortality rates – for mothers and babies

In Togo, three women and 50 children die each day due to complications during birth or because of insufficient medical care in the first months thereafter. Especially in rural areas, where there is hardly any access to medical care. Greater numbers of skilled midwives would help ensure the prevention of many unnecessary deaths. That’s why Olympus is supporting our long-term partner Doctors of the World in this project to help make birthing safer for babies and their mothers.

How midwives save lives

With Olympus’ financial support, Doctors of the World can provide better professional training in three state-run midwifery schools in different areas of Togo. After training, the midwives will work in under-supplied areas where they will be the lifesavers of tomorrow. Example: While babies in the breech position are normally delivered by caesarean section in developed countries, this is not possible in Togo as there are not enough hospitals. However, a midwife can recognise a high-risk pregnancy, has the skills to help the baby turn and can assist during labour and delivery. In this way, midwives significantly contribute to reducing maternal and infant mortality in Togo.

Olympus Europe is one of the strongest corporate supporters of Doctors of the World. For many years, we have co-operated closely and trustfully with the humanitarian organisation and provided financial support as well as our products and know-how. Doctors of the World focuses on setting up sustainable structures in underdeveloped areas and thereby operates at several levels: with patients and medical staff, the local community through education and training, other non-profit organisations and with local healthcare systems.

Why Togo?

Togo is located in West Africa and is one of the smaller countries between its larger neighbours Ghana to the west and Benin to the east. The country was chosen by Doctors of the World because it not only has a high demand for medical support, but also possesses structures that are sufficiently stable to generate a lasting impact.