London, 09/07/2020 | Press release | Medical Systems Olympus Launches EVIS X1, Its Most Advanced Bronchoscopy System to Date

Olympus Europa today announced the highly-anticipated launch of the EVIS X1 bronchoscopy system across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Highly advanced, yet easy-to-use imaging innovations coupled with enhanced tracheobronchial access, the EVIS X1 delivers bronchoscopy solutions to help facilitate more accurate diagnosis. It is based on the endoscopy system with the same name that was introduced in April in the field of gastroenterology.

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Olympus_EVIS X1 bronchoscopy_key features

Olympus EVIS X1 bronchoscopy key features

EVIS X1 supports advanced diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of bronchial diseases through a series of visualization and tracheobronchial access innovations that include BAI-MAC (Brightness Adjustment Imaging with Maintenance of Contrast), Red Dichromatic Imaging (RDI), and Texture and Color Enhancement Imaging (TXI), combined with advanced bronchoscopes with superior handing and a slimmer design.

Taking the paradox of bronchoscopy development to the next level

“The paradox of bronchoscope development has always been the desire to achieve the thinnest possible outer scope diameter without sacrificing imaging capabilities and maneuverability,” says Dr. Harald Dremel, Head of Medical Endoscopy Business at Olympus Europa. “The portfolio of the EVIS X1 bronchoscopy system and the diagnostic as well as therapeutic bronchoscopes strikes the right balance among scope dimension, visualization, and handling, and they continue Olympus’ legacy of offering the world’s only fully-rotatable bronchoscopes.”

EVIS X1 diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopes feature a slimmer outer diameter combined with a more generous instrument channel and the innovative Olympus Rotation Function, thus allowing for improved tracheobronchial access with wider device capability and a broader diagnostic area for native HD image resolution.

EVIS X1 bronchoscopy system features

  • BAI-MAC: Increases the brightness of the darker, more distal anatomy. This digital brightness management feature is a fundamental improvement to visualization in bronchoscopy and has practical relevance to every procedure performed.
  • TXI: Also known as the “new white light” endoscopy, TXI imaging emphasizes image contrast information by synergistically merging three different image processing algorithms, including brightness correction, color difference expansion, and texture component emphasis processing, which may support the detection of tissue abnormalities. Expect to be amazed by the almost three-dimensional view of the bronchoscopy image.
  • RDI: Allowing for sampling location decision support and more precise hemostasis, RDI uses three narrow light bands to provide an image of the larger vessels in the deeper airway mucosa. This new optical imaging modality may help when selecting sampling locations and thus potentially reduce the risk of bleeding during biopsy.

With the launch of EVIS X1, Olympus once again reaffirms its leadership in the field of bronchoscopy, building on a broad portfolio of respiratory devices and bronchoscopes that are instrumental in helping to improve efficiency and facilitate the provision of high-quality patient care.

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