Cork, 01/20/2022 | Press release | Medical Systems Mercy University Hospital has become the first in Ireland to install the Olympus SOLTIVE™ Laser, allowing the hospital to treat Urology patients quicker

Mercy University Hospital, Cork have become the first hospital in the Republic of Ireland to install the Olympus SOLTIVE™ Thulium Fiber Laser technology, allowing the hospital to deliver quicker and more efficient stone removal for patients.

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Consultant Urologist Derek Hennessey with the Olympus SOLTIVE™ Laser System

The portable SOLTIVE™ Laser System is the first major breakthrough in laser technology in two decades. SOLTIVE™ combines lower energy levels and higher frequencies, providing increased capabilities in eliminating kidney stones in less than half the time.

Interview with Consultant Urologist Derek Hennessey on Cork's 96fm & C103

Talking to C103 news, Consultant Urologist - Derek Hennessey says regarding the SOLTIVE™ system ‘We have been using it for 2 weeks now, we have done about 10 cases and it is proving to be 30-40% faster and I believe it is already saving the HSE and taxpayers money. In some cases, where I predicted a patient may have needed two operations to have the procedure done, this laser has done it in one.’ As a result of these efficiencies Mr Hennessey also estimates that this new technology could enable him to treat an extra 40-50 patients every year.

In addition to the clinical improvements delivered by the new laser system, compared to current systems, the Olympus SOLTIVE™ Laser System also offers ergonomic and environmental advantages. It has a compact footprint one eighth of the size of older Holmium YAG laser systems, which means that it fits on a standard operating room cart and can be used across theatres. It also runs more efficiently – requiring only a standard 240-volt AC power outlet – and is significantly quieter in operation.

Olympus are proud to have a long-standing and successful working relationship with Mercy University Hospital, providing the latest minimally invasive surgical equipment for use in their theatres for over 20 years.

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