Southend-on-Sea, 03/14/2022 | Press release | Medical Systems Impact Report by Macmillan Cancer Support highlights the activities supported over the past year

An Impact Report created by Macmillan Cancer Support has highlighted some of the challenges they faced and the activities supported over the past year.

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In 2020/21, a grant from Olympus contributed towards Macmillan GP services in local communities across the UK. Macmillan GPs are part of the wider network of professionals supporting people at critical times of need throughout their cancer journey. Collectively, they have supported hundreds of thousands of people living with cancer over the past year.

In the Mid Essex Macmillan GP team, the use of faecal immunochemical tests (FIT), which can detect tiny amounts of blood in faeces, are now an integral part of any two week wait (2ww) colorectal referral. FIT had been used as a “low risk but not no risk” test, so Macmillan GPs used Primary Care Network (PCN) visits, ‘Time to Learn’ sessions and an educational webinar to explain and educate primary care colleagues of the need to organise a FIT test every time a 2ww lower gastrointestinal (GI) referral is sent. The number of FIT tests requested increased sharply, by over 98%, which means patients can now be more effectively triaged and managed in secondary care.

With almost one in two of us getting cancer in our lifetime, fighting cancer and taking care of those affected by it has never been more important. Our support for the work of Macmillan Cancer Support naturally follows on from our continued development of cutting-edge technology used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, with a shared focus on innovative and patient-centric approaches in this area.

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