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Social Responsibility

Olympus places great importance on responsible business practices. The global strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is built on three key pillars: supporting employees, social commitment, and environmental protection. Olympus provides its workers with a wide range of benefits including childcare, training and modern flexible pension schemes.

Olympus believes that making money in itself is an empty pursuit and wants to put something back into the community in a positive sense. With this background, the company supports a number of charities, both in the UK and abroad. Employees involve themselves in community projects, overseas aid initiatives, governorships of local schools and other forms of public service, while individual members of staff are encouraged to propose local charities for support by the company.

Protecting the environment and its natural resources is another cornerstone of Olympus' CSR. By scrutinising and improving the energy efficiency of all its design and manufacturing processes, Olympus hopes to halve greenhouse gas emissions generated by its business activities by the year 2020. This initiative will also allow the company to reduce water consumption and avoid using chemicals that could contribute to global warming.