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Corporate Structure

Olympus Europa employs 6,400 people at its headquarters in Hamburg and across 32 subsidiaries in the EMEA region. In the fiscal year 2015/2016, Olympus Europa posted sales of €1.74 billion.

The Medical Systems Division

The Medical Systems Division represents Olympus’ largest business domain. Olympus aims to continuously find better and more economical solutions to medical issues, which improve the wellbeing of patients, enhance the working environment for doctors and nursing staff and helps to develop the overall performance of health care providers. Working closely with health care professionals every day, Olympus matches its innovative capabilities in medical technology and precision manufacturing with their skills to provide the best possible outcomes for patients and society. As healthcare professionals focus on early detection of diseases and minimally invasive procedures, Olympus is there to deliver the diagnostic and therapeutic technologies they need to treat their patients. The portfolio ranges from endoscopes, laparoscopes as well as video and imaging systems to electro-surgical devices, system integration solutions and a wide range of EndoTherapy instruments.

The Micro-Imaging Solutions Division

Olympus Micro-Imaging Solutions Division is a leading supplier of microscope systems for professional use in research and clinical applications as well as industrial quality assurance and inspection.
The Olympus opto-digital technologies for observing and documenting living cells are part of the latest research in biology and medicine. Applications include the elucidation of brain function, cancer mechanisms, drug actions and the immune system.

In the field of Materials Science, Olympus microscopes support observation, measurement and control techniques across many industrial sectors including the automotive, precision engineering, medical device and aerospace industries. Olympus Europa’s activities in these fields include OEM microscopy solutions – a component business accounting for approximately 25% of the materials science business.

The Consumer Product Division

With its range of digital cameras and audio recorders, Olympus’ Consumer Products Division is dedicated to offering a wide selection of ways to capture and enjoy life's most precious moments. Olympus has a long history of combining innovative technology, usability and excellent quality with an extraordinary yet highly functional design. With its PEN and OM-D series, Olympus has pioneered the new class of compact system cameras with interchangeable lenses. By combining the outstanding features of DSLR technology with the convenience of compacts, this new generation of cameras meets the expectations of discerning photographers demanding enhanced performance and portability.