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Protecting your Future

Olympus KeyMed’s Pension Scheme

Subject to satisfying the eligibility criteria, on your second full month of your employment, you will be entered in a qualifying scheme which has been awarded the Pension Quality Mark. The scheme is an important part of the benefits package you will receive at Olympus KeyMed and offers you & your family some financial security into your eventual retirement.

The scheme is a defined-contribution (DC) retirement plan with a level of contribution made by the company, which is competitive and compares most favourably with similar schemes offered by other leading organisations. From the moment you join, you will begin to build up your own fund, which will eventually be used to buy pension benefits for when you retire. For example, an employee can contribute between 1% and 6% of their pensionable earnings and the company then doubles this contribution up to a maximum of 12% i.e. the employee pays 3% and the company contributes 6% therefore the overall contribution is 9%.

Life Assurance

All employees, under the age of 65, are automatically included in the company’s life assurance scheme from the date you join the company.

In the unfortunate event of your death whilst working for Olympus KeyMed, the scheme provides for your beneficiaries a lump sum benefit equivalent to three times your annual earnings which is based on total emoluments (excluding business allowances and benefits in kind) received by the individual for the year ending 5 April prior to death.

This valuable benefit affords considerable financial peace of mind for dependants in the event of your untimely death whilst working for Olympus KeyMed.

Income Protection Plan

Employees who are under the age of 65 and have completed three years’ of active, continuous service (any medium/long-term sickness absence in this period does not count towards the required service) with the company are entitled to benefit from this insurance policy, which may provide an income in the event that you become incapacitated and unable to continue to work.

There are certain qualifying conditions (full details can be provided on request) such as acceptance of a claim by the insurers and a continuous period of twelve months’ personal sickness absence from work, before the benefit becomes payable.