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Olympus DM-720: Effective time management for young entrepreneurs

Hamburg , 12/08/2016 • Daily business meetings, constantly on the move and a mind buzzing with ideas: the pressure is on for today’s young entrepreneurs. To help them stay in control, good organisation and effective time management are essential. This is guaranteed with the new Olympus DM-720 voice recorder. This workflow optimiser features five different recording modes, high-quality recordings thanks to manual microphone alignment and an automatic voice balancer that enhances every voice. The DM-720 allows to record meetings, telcos and conferences with impressive clarity and play them back anytime, anywhere. Users can save valuable time by automatically cutting out everything except the vocal conversation and using the skip-and-reverse function for targeted navigation in the audio file. And for those who wish to automatically transcribe their recordings, the DM-720 can be enhanced with a powerful speech-recognition kit. The Olympus DM-720 will be available from 2nd January 2017.


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  • Olympus DM-720: Effective time management for young entrepreneurs
  • Olympus DM-720: Effective time management for young entrepreneurs
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Clever business tool for everyday use: the Olympus DM-720 offers five preset recording scenes – there is no need for time-consuming detailed settings. The intuitive user interface with tactile buttons guarantees comfortable and time-saving work with the highest level of data security.

Superb recording quality in noisy environments

The Olympus DM-720 produces high-quality sound recordings by automatically adjusting the microphone range to the recording environment – from a large conference auditorium to brainstorming at a local café. Three highly-sensitive microphones automatically eliminate background noise from the audio file. The DM-720 also features a voice balancer that automatically modulates the volume of different speakers. At trade fairs or conferences, the DM-720’s zoom microphone allows to adjust the microphone range according to the distance from the speaker and record voices in noisy environments or from afar.

Time savings through optimised workflow

To survive in today’s business world, it is not enough to have good ideas; successful people also need to be well-organised. The DM-720 simplifies workflow optimisation enormously: the DM-720’s calendar-based search allows to find and playback previous recordings quickly and easily. By using the Voice Playback function non-voice audio can be automatically skipped during playback and relevant information can be accessed more quickly. Fast forwarding or slow playback of discrete segments is no problem thanks to the individually adjustable playback speed. The skip-and-reverse function makes it easier for users to navigate within the audio file at a preset time interval, thus saving valuable time.

Useful bundles to ease your business life

Creating minutes of meetings and telcos is child’s play with the DM-720. In transcription mode, files can be played back very slowly and repeated as often as necessary in order to facilitate manual dictation. For even more efficient transcription, the DM-720 can be combined with the Olympus AS-2400 transcription kit. With the help of special dictation management software from Olympus, a foot pedal to keep hands free for typing and extra-lightweight under-the-chin headphones, manual transcription is a piece of cake. To save even more time, the usage of DM-720 can be enhanced with the Olympus DNS speech-recognition software to convert and send audio files automatically as text files. Olympus offers a number of additional accessory modules for individually upgrading the DM-720.

For a detailed product description of the DM-720 please visit the Olympus website.

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Simon Plate
Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG
Tel.: +49-40-23773-3048

About Olympus

Olympus Europa is the headquarters for the region Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) of the Olympus Corporation, Tokyo. As a worldwide leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology, Olympus provides innovative solutions for state-of-the-art medical systems, digital cameras as well as scientific solutions. The company’s award winning products are instrumental in detecting, preventing and healing illness, driving scientific research and documenting life with artistic freedom. In the hands of its customers, Olympus’ high-tech products help to make people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.

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DM-720 Features:

  • 3 highly sensitive stereo microphones for crystal-clear speech recordings
  • 5 preset recording scenes
  • Tactile buttons
  • Zoom microphone
  • Manual recording level
  • Equalizer
  • TRESMIC microphone system
  • Low-cut filter to eliminate noise
  • Variable playback speed
  • Skip-and-reverse playback for more control
  • Voice playback function for manual transcription
  • File search with calendar function
  • Division of longer recordings into separate files
  • Speech shadowing
  • Index function
  • Efficient playback by skipping passages with no voice content
  • High level of data security
  • Recording format: Linear PCM / MP3
  • 4 GB internal memory (maximum recording time of approx. 985 hours)
  • Micro SD card slot for external storage capacity of up to 32 GB
  • 5 folders with a capacity of up to 200 files each
  • Internal Microphone Frequency range: 20 – 20kHz
  • LCD display (1.43 inch)
  • Up to 52 hours of battery life (in recording mode in MP3 format)
  • Speaker with 18 mm diameter (max. output: 150 mW)
  • Built-in USB connector
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 105.9 x 39.6 x 14.4 mm
  • Weight: 72 g (including batteries)
  • Music player function
  • Attachment clip as a stand
  • Menu Languages: EN, CS, DA, DF, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, RU, SV, ZH
  • Available Kits:
    Meet & Record Kit / Edition small: includes ME33 Boundary Mic
    Meet & Record Kit / Edition large: includes 2 ME33 Boundary Mics
    Record & Transcribe Kit: includes AS-2400 Transcription Kit
    Speech-Recognition-Kit: includes DNS Speech Recognition Software from Nuance