Minimising the Risk of Bleeding during Endoscopic Procedures

At Olympus, we recognise the challenges related to gastrointestinal bleeding and the risk this poses to patient safety. That is why we offer you the widest range of tools, technologies and expertise to ensure any bleeding is managed as quickly, safely and effectively as possible.

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Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Bleeding Management Solutions

We offer the widest range of haemostasis products to help you rapidly and effectively treat each and every bleed. Whether pre-operative, intra-operative or post-operative bleeding, our portfolio can support you in every situation.

Browse our advanced technologies, tools and devices for bleeding identification, mechanical-, thermal-, injection-, chemical therapy and more.

Products and Technologies

Advanced Bleed Identification with Red Dichromatic Imaging (RDI) Technology

RDI is our innovative endoscopy technology that employs specific green, amber and red wavelengths to enhance the visibility of deep blood vessels and bleeding sources, allowing for quicker and easier haemostasis.

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Advanced Haemostasis Control

Endoclot Polysaccharide Haemostatic System (PHS) provides rapid and reliable bleeding management, using bioabsorbable modified polymer (AMP) particles to accelerate the body’s clotting cascade.
It is suited for large and diffuse bleeds, including those occurring in peptic ulcers, post-biopsy, polypectomy, tumor bleeding, post EMR and ESD.

Endoclot Adhesive (ECA) is an advanced powder haemostat that can effectively seal lesions at the end of a procedure. Adhesive Haemostatic Polymer (AHP) particles allow wounds to be sealed for up to three days. The EndoClot Adhesive is used to reduce the risk of re-bleeding and for prophylaxis/closure after EMR and ESD.

Safe and Effective Clipping with QuickClip Pro

QuickClip Pro is our single-use rotational and reopenable endoscopic clip system that offers effective and precise mechanical haemostasis of upper and lower GI bleeds.
The rotation capabilities allow for full operational control, with a unique protective sheath and open and close functionality for easy and precise handling.
Made from the unique high-strength alloy, Elgiloy, QuickClip Pro has improved flexibility, closing strength and resilience to bending, compared to stainless steel endoscopic clips.

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"Advances in Hemostatic Management for Endoscopic Procedures: EndoClot Adhesive"

January 2024, Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News
Alanna Ebigbo MD (University Hospital Augsburg, Germany)

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