Drying and Storage

Effective drying and storage of endoscopes is of high importance in an endoscopy workflow. It is crucial to thoroughly dry an endoscope to prevent the growth of microorganisms resulting from moisture. Safe storage prevents the endoscopes from becoming contaminated. Find out more about our Olympus EDC Plus endoscope drying and storage solution.

Your Challenge — Our Solution

To meet the high standards of protection and hygiene for your medical flexible endoscopes, Olympus provides you with a tailored drying and storage solution. We know that preventing recontamination and ensuring safety of your medical flexible endoscopes after cleaning and disinfection is a central step to confirm that the next endoscopic procedure can be carried out as planned. Based on our valuable expertise in endoscopy and endoscope hygiene, our drying and storage cabinets are designed with your needs in mind. Olympus is your long-term partner, offering not only installation and service solutions for a high level of uptime, but also user trainings for smooth operations.

Optimal patient safety

… through secure and hygienic drying and storage of your endoscopes.

Fast and efficient processes

… by enabling you to easily monitor the status of your endoscopes inside of our EDC Plus.

User-friendly handling

… facilitated by a clean and ergonomic design.

Seamless reprocessing workflow

… thanks to the compatibility and traceability functions that connect the EDC Plus with the whole system of our Olympus medical flexible endoscope reprocessing solutions.

EDC Plus

Choose the best solution for your reprocessing facility by configurating your own vertical drying and storage cabinet thanks to the modular options of our EDC Plus. Olympus helps you to keep your drying and storage workflow secure and transparent while staying flexible to meet your personal requirements.

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ADU Plus

Do you not have any access to pressurised dry air? The ADU Plus is an optional air-drying unit that completes your endoscope drying and storage arrangement for fast and hygienic endoscope drying.

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Hygiene and Reprocessing Information Required?

Contact our experts and we will get in touch with you to answer your questions or learn more about the complete workflow solution.

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