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ScopeGuide Navigated Colonoscope

ScopeGuide 3 shows an accurate 3D reconstruction of the position and configuration of the endoscope position within the colon. Navigation through the colon becomes easier and patients experience less discomfort, as loops can be identified more quickly.

How ScopeGuide Works

Electromagnetic coils incorporated along the length of th dedicated scope's insertion tube generate a pulsed low-intensity magnetic field that is picked up by the receiver dish.
The magnetic pulses are used to calculate the precise position and orientation of the insertion tube to generate a three-dimensional image on the monitor.

Challenges in Colonoscopy

Insertion of a flexible scope into a semifixed organ is no straightforward process.
Therefore, loop formation of the scope can occur inside the colon leading to unsuccessful cecum intubation or procedure prolongation.
Also, inaccurate scope movement can increase patient pain and decrease acceptance of colonoscopy.
ScopeGuide addresses these challenges by providing a continuous, real-time image of the scope position during the entire procedure to increase your potential.

Increase Your Potential...

  • ScopeGuide supports the improvement of cecal intubation rate, regardless of length of operator experience ¹, ²
  • Enables better handling in difficult colon cases, decreasing the need for prolonged colonoscopy
  • ScopeGuide may increase confidence in decision-making during and after colonoscopy due to the visualization of scope movement
  • Results in less need for intense supervision during colonoscopy, enabling a more effective staff allocation ³
  • Enables easier planning and scheduling due to decreased numbers of prolonged colonoscopies
  • The amounts of sedative drugs can be reduced with ScopeGuide, contributing to fewer complications and quicker patient recovery ¹, ⁴, ⁵
  • Reduces patient pain by enabling operators to make preemptive adjustments of the scope, potentially leading to less patient reluctance towards colonoscopy

Product Details

3D display with improved modelling

An improved 3D model generates 3D images faster than ever, allowing you to accurately track the endoscope during colonoscopy. 3D imaging also helps in the training of junior staff, by providing immediate feedback about the effect of manipulation of the control section of the endoscope.

Picture-in-picture functionality

When used in conjunction with a monitor with picture-in-picture functionality, the ScopeGuide image is viewed alongside the endoscopic image, meaning you only need to view one monitor, bringing considerable ergonomic benefits.

Compatibility with legacy systems

ScopeGuide 3 is fully compatible with older ScopeGuide endoscopes, ensuring that you continue can continue to use existing endoscopes with ScopeGuide 3.

Compatibility with MAJ-1300 probe

When the MAJ-1300 probe is inserted into the instrument channel of conventional endoscopes, they are upgraded to full ScopeGuide functionality. This enables maximum flexibility within the department.

Basic Techniques of Colonoscope Insertion

Training with CM-15 colon phantom and ScopeGuide.

Clinical Case Study from Professor Brian Saunders

Consultant Gastroenterologist, St Mark’s Hospital
Adjunct Professor of Endoscopy, Imperial College

Wolfson Unit for Endoscopy
St Mark’s Hospital, Harrow, Middlesex, UK

Expert comment from Professor Brian Saunders

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