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LiveStream is a streaming, digital video network for the secure broadcast of surgical video across the hospital network, enabling remote education, monitoring, and training.

  • All set-up activity and streaming of video is encrypted end-to-end, ensuring the protection of personal data​.
  • The streaming video is compatible with the most common browsers on Mac, iOS, and Windows​.
  • Hospital and physician’s systems do not require an application installation or a browser plugin​.
  • Meets the strict EU security policies and supports hospitals conforming with GDPR compliance.
  • The LiveStream Portal’s Push-to-Talk reply back feature permits remote clinical viewers to provide audio feedback to the surgical team in the operating room.

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EASYSUITE - OR Integration Platform

Native 3D/4K full-room routing of visual data and medical equipment control supporting clinical workflows, enabling standardization and improving patient safety.

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EASYSUITE completes the full Olympus 4K BT.2020 imaging chain from an Olympus 3D or 4K camera to a Sony Medical 3D/4K surgical field display. The solution supports full HD recording of up to two channels simultaneously and 4K image capture.
There are two EASYSUITE configurations serving your needs. The compact EasySuite 4K-1220 solution is designed for imaging-heavy, minimally invasive, single-discipline procedure rooms with the integration of room lights and other devices. In contrast, the EasySuite 4K-2500 FLEX solution is available for more advanced, multispecialty operating rooms requiring additional sources, advanced audio and collaboration services.
Hospital-wide security based on Windows 10, the latest Enterprise IoT platform, and virus protection safeguard patient privacy and ensure GDPR compliance.

  • State-of-the-art technology in native 3D/4K resolution.
  • Integration of patient data from HIS and PACS systems to standardize patient records.
  • Interactive virtual collaboration with colleagues (MedPresence).
  • Easy and flexible access to images and videos from anywhere using mobile and PC platforms (VaultStream).
  • Simplified and centralized control of medical equipment and presets.
  • Data protection to the highest standards complying with GDPR.

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