Clever Shield is a dedicated single-use valve solution that meets modern standards for infection prevention to streamline your endoscopic procedures. The sterile-packed valves perform at the same operational quality as reusable valves, and provide a secure air/water flow and suction rate with assured reliability.

About Clever Shield — Key Benefits at a Glance

Infection Prevention in Focus

Single-use endoscope accessories may potentially reduce the risk of cross-contamination and increase the efficiency of endoscopy procedures as reprocessing steps are eliminated.

Validated and High Performing

Clever Shield single-use valves are the only single-use valves manufactured and validated by Olympus, providing complete compatibility and guaranteed functionality with Olympus endoscopes. The single-use valves deliver the same operational quality as Olympus reusable valves.

Color Differentiated

The white color of Clever Shield products enables easy differentiation of the single-use valves from reusable ones.

User-Friendly Packaging

Clever Shield valves are presterilized and come in an easy one-step-opening package for immediate use.

Easy Handling

Clever Shield valves are silicone-free. The slightly rounded valve top of the air/water and suction valves supports air manipulation, while the biopsy valve has a wide slit designed to contribute to smoother device manipulation. The valve can be easily detached simply by pressing down the lever.

Easy Traceability

Information stickers with sterilization information and lot number ensure easy documentation.

Clever Shield Product Flyer

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Progress in Infection Prevention — Single-Use Endoscope Components and Endoscopic Accessories

Protecting patients from infection is a constant but necessary challenge for endoscopists and associated health care professionals. To ensure endoscopes — such as gastroscopes, duodenoscopes and colonoscopes — are safe for use, staff must follow strict guidelines on effective endoscope reprocessing, including its components and accessories. Designed to help minimize cross-contamination between patients when equipment is reused, guidelines detail processes of cleaning and disinfection, sterilization (where applicable), and handling and storage.

While proper reprocessing ensures reusable endoscope accessories meet the required high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, single-use endoscopic components and accessories have also entered the market. These are now recommended as viable alternatives to reusable devices by several guidelines, including those from the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) and the European Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates (ESGENA) 1 , as well as the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) 2 . By eliminating the need for the reprocessing of endoscopic components and endoscope accessories, single-use devices enable staff to concentrate on reprocessing the endoscope itself.

Patient Safety in Focus
The safety of patients undergoing endoscopy is dependent not only on the good medical practice of trained clinicians, but also on the proper reprocessing of an endoscope, its components and its accessories. Inadequate endoscope reprocessing can lead to infection with pathogens including Salmonella spp., Helicobacter pylori and Pseudomonas spp. 3–5 or more recently, multidrug-resistant organisms 6,7 .

The latest guidelines released by the ESGE and ESGENA, as well as the BSG, outline several important recommendations for the reprocessing of an endoscope, its components and its accessories 1,2 . These precautions are designed to ensure a uniform, standardized reprocessing procedure that can be universally applied each time an endoscope is used.

These recommendations include reprocessing methods for endoscope components and accessories, covering component dismantling, multiple stages of manual and automated cleaning and disinfection, as well as specific conditions for drying and storage.

A Trend toward Single-Use Endoscope Components and Accessories
While reprocessing is reliable when performed correctly according to the manufacturers’ Instructions for Use (IFU), the multiple stages involved are time-consuming. To address these challenges, medical technology providers have developed single-use endoscope components and accessories which can be disposed of after use and require minimal staff handling.

Clever Shield from Olympus is an Olympus-endorsed single-use endoscope component kit that meets modern standards for infection prevention. A Clever Shield kit includes single-use air/water, suction and biopsy valves that provide secure air/water flow and suction rates and assured reliability — and being manufactured and validated by Olympus also means that these valves provide complete compatibility and guaranteed functionality with Olympus endoscopes. Clever Shield valves are silicone-free and have slightly rounded valve tops that enable better manipulation. Delivering the same operational quality as reusable valves, users can be confident of their high performance.

As Clever Shield valves are for single use and have a unique identifier to be used in the documentation system, they are more easily traceable than reusable devices — in line with a key recommendation from the current ESGE/ESGENA guidelines 1 . One-step-opening packaging allows immediate preparation, and the use of different colors easily differentiates the single-use valves from reusable ones.

Olympus also provides single-use endoscope irrigation and insufflation tubing, which when paired with single-use Clever Shield valves provides a powerful solution for infection prevention during endoscopic procedures.

There are numerous benefits of dedicated single-use endoscope components and accessories and, as such, they are increasingly being adopted by health care professionals worldwide. Single-use detachable endoscope components and accessories may potentially reduce the risk of cross-contamination to both patients and staff. By eliminating the need for multiple steps of reprocessing and tracing, single-use components and accessories can also increase the efficiency of endoscopy procedures.

It is often not known whether a patient is a carrier of a pathogen, and therefore it is prudent to treat all patients undergoing endoscopy as potentially infectious. For this reason, keeping endoscope components and accessories sterile and ensuring that devices can be traced back to specific patients are priorities in modern endoscopy. This can be achieved by following standardized reprocessing procedures for all endoscopes and reusable endoscope accessories after every procedure. Whether in automated scope reprocessing, leak detection, drying and storage or secure, damage-free transport, Olympus is setting new standards in infection prevention while simplifying reprocessing and ensuring efficiency.

Clever Shield single-use valve kits from Olympus offer a straightforward and safe alternative to reusable components. These disposable endoscope appliances can reduce the time spent reprocessing endoscope components and accessories and help minimize the risk of infection to both patients and staff.

Knowing that infection prevention presents its own set of challenges, Olympus is committed to ensuring that you have access to trusted products, establishing partnerships with industry societies that seek to enhance product safety, and providing education and support that empowers your people to perform at their very best.

Clever Shield Valve Kit Components

The three-part valve kit consists of an air/water valve, a suction valve and a biopsy valve.

Single-Use Air/Water Valve and Single-Use Suction Valve

  • Reliable and secure air/water flow and suction rate.
  • Silicone-free design.
  • Slightly rounded valve top supports air manipulation.

Single-Use Biopsy Valve

  • Easy detachment.
  • Wide slit designed to contribute to smoother device manipulation.
  • Dual-chamber structure and small inner hole prevents leakage.

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