DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider: Multiple Ways to Do Surgery

The DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider is a rhinology-shaver system that has been feature optimised in order to improve surgical efficiency as well as the choices when performing surgery. It enables the surgeon to use one device for an array of surgical procedures - from turbinate reduction to advanced skull-base surgery.

Integrated Monopolar and Bipolar Features

The DIEGO ELITE multidebrider is the world's only ENT shaver system to offer both monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency and to put immediate intra operative hemostasis at your fingertips - potentially reducing procedure time compared to standard blades. Monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency blades are available for sinus, turbinate, tonsil and adenoid surgery.

Declog System

The intuitively designed declog system is comprised of a pressure bulb that attaches to the suction and irrigation tubing. During a procedure, should a clog be encountered, the clog can simply be removed by squeezing the bulb. No more wasting surgery time with disassembly of the blade and brushes or stylets.

Disposable Suction Pathway

Cleaning and sterilising is more reliable as biomaterial from patient has minimal contact with reusable handpiece and the open design of reusable handpiece allow an easy and efficient cleaning and disinfections.

Blade ID

Thanks to the chip in each Diego Elite burrs and blade the system is automatically recognising what is attached and is setting the system with the right parameters. This could prevent to use the burr’s speed setting while using a blade. Safer and easier to use.


With a standard navigation system compatibility attachment point, the shaver can be used with either an optical or EM navigation system for enhanced accuracy and confidence.

Rotatable Blades

Full 360° rotation of the cutting window allows for improved access to the patient´s anatomy without having to turn the handpiece. The cutting window can conveniently be turned with one finger at the distal cone of the blade. Integrating this feature into the disposable blade instead of the motor improves the reliability of this function. Rotatable blades now also available for frontal and maxillary procedures.

Malleable Blades with and without Monopolar Radiofrequency Option

Malleable blades enable exceptional surgical flexibility and versatility as their angles can be adjusted. Mainly used in tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy cases, these blades come with or without monoplar functionality.

A Powerful System

The DIEGO ELITE power console powers the two surgeon-inspired handpieces and accommodates individual surgeon preference.

Automatic Toggle Stop Function
A single tap of a foot pedal allows for the shaver blade window to be completely closed and/or fully opened, which is ideal for starting a procedure or for providing suction without losing your position. This may help expedite surgery and improve procedural efficiency.

Advanced Suction Solutions

Having appropriate suction is one of the most important conditions for a shaver system to function optimally. The DIEGO ELITE provides three optimised suction features aimed at optimal intraoperative performance of the system.

  • Dedicated shaver suction unit: Eliminates the use of hard-to-adjust operating room suction and constantly provides the right level of vacuum settings.
  • Distal blade tip with complete suction in selective blades: Concerts shaver into a blunt suction device, reducing the need for instrument exchanges.
  • Disposable suction pathway: Biomaterial passes directly from the blade into the tube set. Straight-through suction optimises tissue dissection. It does not contaminate the handpiece, which makes postoperative decontamination easier.

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