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How it Works

ENDOCUFF VISION™ is a device attached to the distal end of a colonoscope, designed to maintain and maximise the viewable mucosa during endoscopic therapy by manipulating colonic folds. 

A single row of flexible arms evert and flatten folds to provide an enhanced view of the entire colon and to decrease the polyp miss rate. 8

For detailed information please watch the video.

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NICE Guidance

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has produced guidance on ENDOCUFF VISION™ for assisting visualisation during colonoscopy in the NHS in England. 5,17-21

Adenoma Detection Rate

Increases the adenoma detection rate by up to 11% (result of meta-analysis) — for every 1,000 patients screened, it is estimated that up to 110 patients with an adenoma could have been additionally identified using the ENDOCUFF technology. 15

A 1% increase in ADR leads to:

  • 3% decrease in the risk of interval cancer 5
  • 5% decrease in the risk of a fatal interval colorectal cancer 5

Widely tested in 12 randomised controlled trials, with more than 8,000 patients and 140 colonoscopists, plus experts and endoscopists. 15

ENDOCUFF VISION™ shows no adverse or serious adverse events when tested on over 800 patients by 70 endoscopists. 11

ENDOCUFF VISION™ - Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials

Causes for concern with unseen adenomas and polyps:

  • 24% of adenomas are missed with standard colonoscopy 7
  • 40% of polyps go undetected 8

ENDOCUFF VISION™ maximises visualisation during a colonoscopy, decreasing the overall polyp miss rate. 10

Download clinical evidence

Teaching Video - ENDOCUFF VISION™ - Tips & Tricks From the Experts

Watch Professor Brian Saunders, Consultant Gastroenterologist at St. Mark's Hospital (London) and Dr. Med Andrea Pace, Head Doctor of the Gastroenterology Department at the Friedrich-Ebert-Krankenhaus (Neumünster), share insights and valuable experience on how to optimise endoscope performance with ENDOCUFF VISION™, including best practices for intubation, withdrawal and Endocuff-assisted polypectomy.


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