Electrosurgical generator ESG-300 GENERATING

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Dedicated to the endoscopy department

The ESG-300 generator has been created to perfectly complement the needs of gastroenterology and respiratory medicine. All key operating modes are present – along with special options like SmartArgon and the ability to save customised procedure programmes – placing it at the forefront of electro-surgical technology.


A simple, intuitive touch-screen interface means users can easily set up the system to their personal settings in just a few steps. The wireless footswitch provides operational freedom.

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The new Argon Plasma Unit (APU-300) provides advanced, superficial haemostasis. The SmartArgon Mode, where the coagulation margin is independent of the distance between probe and tissue supports consistent and safe haemostasis with reduced carbonisation.


The ESG-300 generator unites a user-friendly interface with smart, responsive capabilities. It’s easily set up to meet your personal requirements, supporting those who use it, however they want to use it. Its intelligent features mean ESG-300 takes those who use it forward, inspiring trust that in turn inspires confidence. With ESG-300, confidence is simply inspired.


The historic experience Olympus have in providing reliable and effective solutions for gastroenterology and respiratory treatment, continues with the ESG-300 and ESG-150. The latest high-frequency generators are designed to meet the specific electrosurgical needs of the endoscopy department, providing a simple, safe, smart source of energy.

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