The complete solution for bronchoscopy

Olympus provides a complete range of innovative solutions in the respiratory field. The EVIS LUCERA ELITE lineup of bronchoscopes focuses on the optimisation of image quality, handling and processes. With its stunning features, it sets new technological standards.

Innovative equipment, techniques and procedures for endobronchial ultrasound, peripheral and pediatric bronchoscopy and other medical endoscopy solutions complete the range.

Olympus continually innovates to advance the art of bronchoscopy and support progress in respiratory diagnosis and treatment.

Competence through experience

Years of experience, combined with cutting-edge medical technology and innovative products, have made Olympus the world leader in endoscopy.

Our commitment to research and development and our collaborative efforts with the medical community continue to improve the underlying technology and quality of patient care and outcomes.

Innovations in bronchoscopy

Interest in peripheral bronchoscopy is growing among pulmonologists. Technologies such as radial EBUS, the guide sheath kit-approach, and the use of navigation systems have helped to improve confidence to diagnose remote tumors as well. Olympus supports the interventional pulmonologist and continuously develops devices to improve diagnostics in the lung.

Explore our latest-generation bronchoscopes:

New ultra-thin bronchoscope

The new BF-MP290F ultra-thin bronchoscope improves access to deep lung areas, helps approach lesions, and identifies lesions using radial ultrasound.


Are you interested in a complete solution for bronchoscopy? Do you want to try out our new ultra-thin bronchoscope BF-MP290F for yourself? Request a live demonstration of the EVIS LUCERA ELITE system and an Olympus consultant will contact you.

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Market-leading technologies

Insertion tube rotation function

Always looking for ways to improve operability, Olympus has developed the cutting-edge technology employed on our EVIS LUCERA ELITE bronchoscopes. The insertion tube rotation function allows the bronchoscopist to change the insertion tube’s angle of approach by rotating a ring on the control section. This function enhances manoeuvrability and improves diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities, especially when trying to reach a target in the lung periphery.

Furthermore, this function allows the examiner to bring the bronchoscope’s biopsy port to a position that is easy to access for the endoscopy assistant, without moving the distal tip of the bronchoscope. Thus, sampling can be done with ease, in less time and in better control of the sampling devices.

Outstanding image resolution

Imaging performance is driven by the endoscopy system (CV-290 video processor and CLV-290SL light source) as well as by the image capture performance of the endoscopes, and the monitor displaying the image.

The leading endoscopy system EVIS LUCERA ELITE provides state-of-the-art image processing with very low levels of image noise.

For bronchoscopy, the age of HD image quality (image is captured in high-definition quality at the bronchial wall) begins with the introduction of the BF-H290 bronchoscope for standard diagnostic purposes. All the non-HD bronchoscopes in our top-line series are equipped with high-performance CCDs for enhanced imaging, marking a big step forward from their predecessors.

Experience the sharp, clear images of the EVIS LUCERA ELITE endoscope lineup, giving you much more detailed, precise observation of mucosal surfaces.


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