This combination doubles your energy and sets new standards in the application of advanced energy in the operating theatre.

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Double Your Energy

Explore the unique THUNDERBEAT portfolio – next generation of safety and speed

Olympus aims to provide innovative energy solutions delivering surgical safety and instrument versatility for efficient, streamlined operations with optimal patient outcomes.

THUNDERBEAT is the world’s first and only advanced energy system to deliver two well-established forms of energy to a tissue simultaneously:

  • Ultrasonic energy for superior dissection and fast cutting
  • Advanced bipolar energy for secure haemostasis and sealing vessels of up to 7mm in diameter

New THUNDERBEAT TYPE S with Intelligent Tissue Monitoring

With the introduction of the new-generation THUNDERBEAT Type S, the unique concept of hybrid energy technology gets raised to the next level.

With the development of innovative Type S coating and the revolutionary Intelligent Tissue Monitoring (ITM) safety system, Olympus has achieved a 26.9% improvement in the instrument´s temperature profile.1

This new concept of optimal temperature control enables the targeted, efficient application of energy, enhancing safety and speed of operation.

1Data on file, Olympus co-operation

THUNDERBEAT represents the latest development of energy use in surgery and will allow surgeons to become much more efficient at procedures. The patient has shorter anaesthesia and the healthcare team gets through the procedure faster.

Jeffrey W. Milsom MD, chief of colon and rectal surgery and professor of surgery at
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City



Dissection of the mesocolon and ligation of major vessels

The fine-tip design of THUNDERBEAT allows for layer-specific, delicate dissection of the mesocolon, while superior haemostasis aids in:

  • avoiding and immediately correcting bleeding
  • the safe and reliable sealing of major vessels

This leads to improved visibility on anatomic planes, which is particularly crucial during a Total Mesorectal Excision (TME) in order to ensure highly accurate dissection to protect important nerves.

Optimal visibility, enabled by safe control of bleeding and precise dissection, sticking to the correct layers, leads to a low risk of complications.

The video on the left shows a novel transanal approach as an example.

Mobilisation of the colon and flexures

THUNDERBEAT allows ultra-precise, layer-specific dissection close to the colon, reducing the risk of damaging nearby organs at the flexures.

The concept of hybrid technology enables fast, safe mobilisation, contributing to a more streamlined operation and potential time savings.


Parenchymal transection

For the exact exposition and transection of the correct multiple vessel structures in vulnerable liver tissue, superior THUNDERBEAT haemostasis enables unbeatable, fast, effective transection of the parenchymal tissue. Small and medium size vessels are sealed efficiently to avoid bile leakage or major bleeding, and maintain necessary visualisation.

With the additional facility to pre-seal and apply secondary haemostasis, both the potential for and reduction of blood loss can be achieved using THUNDERBEAT.

Dissection of major vessels

The fine, slim-tip design allows for delicate dissection of the hepatoduodenal ligament and parenchyma. This ultra-precise dissection lets surgeons to expose and isolate, major vessels very precisely while reducing the risk of damaging important structures.

No requirement for multiple instruments, allowing a safer, more streamlined operation.


Gastric Sleeve Procedure

The superior haemostasis of THUNDERBEAT allows exceptionally fast mobilisation of the stomach while taking down the small but multiple gastroepiploic vessels along the greater curvature safely. During the dissection in the sometimes fatty, narrow space between the stomach and the spleen, the fine, slim-tip design allows accurate dissection, while the advanced bipolar component provides safe, reliable sealing of the short gastric vessels!

Low risk of bleeding and improved management of complications if needed.

Gastric Bypass Procedure

Versatility is achieved by the instrument’s superior haemostasis and fine tip design for the precise and blood-dry dissection of the mesentery, simplified management of opening anatomical windows (e.g. gastrotomy or enterotomy), and the strong grasping force for holding intestinal loops.

No need for additional instruments and the improved visibility facilitate a more streamlined operation and potential time savings!


Ligation of Thyroid Vessels

The unrivalled combination of ultrasonic and advanced bipolar energy in THUNDERBEAT´s SEAL & CUT mode allow the precise division and reliable ligation of all thyroid arteries and veins located in the lateral border of the thyroid and in the superior and the inferior pole. Thus a fast, blood-dry mobilisation of the gland is achieved.

Strong coagulation and the improved visibility this results in can lead to a more streamlined operation and therefore potential time savings.

Exposure of Nerves and the Separation of the Thyroid Gland from the Trachea

The very fine, slim-tip design allows the delicate opening of the jugular carotid sheath and the exposure of the vagus nerve. It also allows the precise, careful dissection of the pretracheal adhesion from the trachea.

The fact that no other instruments are required, combined with the improved visibility, can lead to a more streamlined operation and therefore potential time savings.

Advanced Features and Benefits

Intelligent Tissue Monitoring

This revolutionary safety system is the world’s first and only auto-stop function for ultrasound-driven technologies:

  • Significantly reducing the residual temperature of the ultrasonic probe
  • Allowing faster and more streamlined surgery
  • Enhancing instrument durability

Primary Haemostasis and Secure Vessel Sealing

Using the combined energy types in the THUNDERBEAT SEAL & CUT mode simultaneously allows safe coagulation and fast tissue transection. Fewer vessel-ligation steps are required due to pre-coagulation combined with the secure cutting and sealing of 7mm vessels.

Secondary Haemostasis

The THUNDERBEAT SEAL mode without simultaneous cutting allows:

  • Immediate sealing of secondary bleeding
  • Control of oozing bleeding with spot coagulation
  • Pre-sealing vessels with the precise application of advanced bipolar energy

Superior Dissection with Optimal Temperature Control

THUNDERBEAT allows the sharp and blunt dissection of correct anatomic layers even in hard-to-reach places, such as deep pelvic areas. The new THUNDERBEAT Type S technology enables the accurately targeted application of energy close to vital structures, leading to a reduction in surrounding tissue damage by thermal spread.

Best-in-Class Tissue Cutting

The unique hybrid technology causes a synergy effect leading to unprecedentedly fast tissue transection.

This fast performance with fewer disruptive instrument exchanges facilitates reduced operating times and allows surgeons to concentrate better on surgery for the duration of the procedure.

All-in-One Versatility

The innovative tip and ergonomic handle design make THUNDERBEAT a true multifunctional instrument:

  • Atraumatic grasping and uniform tissue compression
  • High tip-opening forces for blunt tissue manipulation
  • Fast and reliable haemostasis
  • Reduced mist generation for improved visibility

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