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Miniature Probe


This ultra-thin radial ultrasonic probe is just 1.4 mm in diameter at the distal end and is compatible with 2.0 mm diameter guide sheaths. It is the perfect size for 360° imaging of the peripheral lung or common bile or pancreatic ducts.

  • Ultrasonic imaging via a slim endoscope
  • Extra-slim probe design
  • 360° ultrasonic view
  • Detailed ultrasonic images in a thin lumen
  • Frequency: 20 MHz
  • Insertion tube (max. OD): 1.7 mm
  • Comp. biopsy channel: ≥ 1.7mm (≥ 2.0 mm when used in combination with a Guide sheath)
  • Guide sheath compatible
  • 2150 mm working length

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