Accelerated Reading Time with
Excellent Reliability

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Excellent Reading Reliability Safe Detection

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More than Just a Capsule


The ENDOCAPSULE 10 System is a comprehensive system for fast, efficient, and precise examinations of the small intestine.
State-of-the-art Olympus endoscopic imaging technology delivers high-quality images with wide viewing angle to facilitate accurate observations and reliable diagnoses.
Examinations are further supported by the system’s advanced software, providing smart and safe functions and features such as 3D Track and the innovative Omni Mode. And with a minimum of 12 hours battery life, full examination completion is assured.

Accelerate Reading Time with Omni Mode

Smart Algorithm

Cut reading time significantly while seeing everything of importance for the diagnosis. Out of thousands of images, those areas with duplications are filtered out. This helps to reduce the amount of time spent on the reading process by 64% without compromising the diagnostic result.*

*Hosoe et al. Endosc Int Open. 2016 Aug;4(8):E878-82
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How Does Omni Mode Work?

Introducing the ENDOCAPSULE 10 Omni Mode

Watch the 3D animation to learn how this mode shortens your reading time considerably.

Excellent Reading Reliability

Safe Detection

When passing through the small intestine, the capsule captures a large number of images. Omni Mode ensures that everything captured by the capsule is shown, without the usual duplication of images.
Omni Mode provides precise reading results, supporting a safe detection process.


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Localize Lesions Effectively

3D Track Function

Track the capsule’s journey through the small intestine on screen. The intuitive 3D Track shows where the capsule is in the small intestine. Observed lesions or other abnormalities can be localized more easily. Doctors can therefore make faster, more efficient decisions regarding the best approach for follow-up enteroscopy procedures – be it antegrade or retrograde.

Technical Specifications

Wide Angle of View to See More

At an expansive 160°, the angle of view provides a significantly enhanced field of observation to support examinations.

High Image Quality for Greater Detail

Enjoy clarity and detail with less noise and halation to facilitate observations.

Longer Battery Life to Complete All Procedures

Extra battery capacity extends the observation time to a minimum of 12 hours to ensure a completed observation of the small intestine.


11 mm (diameter) × 26 mm (length)

Weight: 3.3 g

ENDOCAPSULE 10 Software Features

Easy Data Exchange

The ENDOCAPSULE 10 System can be connected to the powerful Olympus ENDOBASE documentation system, ensuring optimal management of all relevant information and providing easy integration with existing hospital information systems.

Go-Anywhere Convenience

The ENDOCAPSULE 10 System features software that allows secure case reading outside the hospital environment. This offers more flexibility and freedom.

Intuitive User Interface

Easy and intuitive software operation that ensures highly efficient examinations, analyses, diagnoses, and reports.

Clinical Use Features

Increased Patient Comfort

The slim and lightweight belt-type antenna increases patient comfort and can be worn over light clothing.

Personalized Patient Guidance

Patients can receive personalized instructions such as when to eat and drink or come back to the clinic.

Recording and Viewing

The versatile recorder unit is a receiver and viewer in one. It records all images taken by the ENDOCAPSULE 10 and enables scrolling through recordings to see and capture images of particular interest.

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