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EDC Plus

Endoscope Drying Cabinet for 8, 12
or 16 Endoscopes

The EDC Plus endoscope drying and storage cabinet range, with optional Air Drying Unit, is designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind. Accommodating up to sixteen endoscopes across a wide variety of types and brands, the system improves reprocessing workflows while ensuring security and hygiene of the highest standards.

Key benefits


One core unit accommodating eight endoscopes can stand alone or be extended with additional modules that hold either four or eight endoscopes. If there is no supply of pressurized dry air available, an optional Air Drying Unit can complete the personalized endoscope drying and storage arrangement.

Clear Visibility of Endoscope Status

A multi-color touch display allows you to see the status of each endoscope within the unit, showing whether an endoscope is drying, already dry or whether an error has occurred. Above each endoscope a multi-color LED also indicates the status of the endoscopes, applying the same color scheme as the display. This facilitates efficient identification of a specific endoscope and allows ongoing monitoring of the status of your endoscopes.

Clean Design

All internal surfaces of the EDC Plus Units are designed for optimal cleaning and maintenance activities to help maintain the environment of your valuable endoscopes.

EDC Plus provides a flexible solution for endoscope drying and storage while improving the reprocessing room workflow. The Core Unit can be extended with additional modules, taking the total capacity from eight to twelve or sixteen endoscopes, plus space for accessories. An optional Air Drying Unit can provide the necessary pressurized dry air supply. Efficiency in the decontamination department is optimized by the multi-color touch display, which shows the status of each endoscope within the drying cabinet. In short, EDC Plus ensures the highest standards of protection and hygiene after reprocessing.

Independent Air Flow Cycles
Two independent air flow cycles dry the endoscopes inside and out. Inner channels are dried by compressed dry air and HEPA filtered air is used for drying the outside of the endoscopes. The air flow is continuously monitored by independent sensors for each endoscope and a positive pressure is maintained inside the EDC Plus Unit.

New Multi-Scope Holders
New multi-scope holders are integrated into the EDC Plus Units. Ergonomically shaped, they allow the placement and removal of a large variety of endoscope types and brands. Endoscopes are directly connected to the scope holder via dedicated adaptors which enable drying of the inner channels. At the same time, enough space for scope accessories is provided.

Y-Holders for Long Endoscopes
Designed to minimize the contact area with an endoscope, new Y-holders position the distal end of long endoscopes. The Y-holders can be placed anywhere at the bottom of an EDC Plus Unit for maximum flexibility.

Door Lock Function
Enabling the locking function of the EDC Plus means that only registered users are able to open the doors, thus providing secure storage and controlled access to your endoscopes.

SpecificationsTypeEDC Plus
Number of endoscope positions8 (for extension units 8 and 4)
Drying time (default setting)120 minutes
Storage time (default setting)168 hours
Ambient temperature location25 °C (+/– 5 °C) briefly 35 °C
Relative humidity location30 – 75%
DimensionsEDC PlusW: 1280 x D: 470 x H: 2130 – 2180 (height adjustable feet)
EDC Plus 8-scope extension unitW: 1100 x D: 470 x H: 2130 – 2180 (height adjustable feet)
EDC Plus 4-scope extension unitW: 680 x D: 470 x H: 2130 – 2180 (height adjustable feet)
Weight200 kg
Depth of chamber350 mm
Volume of cabinet0.65 m3
Space per endoscope90 mm
Electrical connectionsPower supply220 - 240 V
ConnectionsL1, N, PE
Frequency50 - 60 Hz
Max. current1,0 A
Max. power consumption230 W
Air supplyCompressed airPressurized medical grade air or compressed dry air
ConnectionPreferably ½” inner thread (hose ø 8mm)
Pressure3 – 8 bar
Dew point– 43 °C
Max. consumption100l/min, 8 endoscopes
Max Consumption per scope per day7.2 m3/h
Air feed into chamberInternal ventilatorapprox.12 m³/h
HEPA filterH13
Resistance HEPA filter200 Pa
Network connectionsConnectionsTCP/IP; 10/100 (RJ45)

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