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For safe and effective ENT procedures with minimal time and resource input, the Celon ENT system is the intelligent choice. The safety of bipolar electrodes, combined with the unparalleled control, monitoring and audible signalling of the power control unit, offers you reliable and reproducible results in an outpatient setting.

Key benefits


The patented bipolar RFITT technology and its auto-stop function results in fast and safe treatment results in defined tissue areas -> no overtreatment is possible.


The acoustic impedance feedback gives you total control over the procedure and the auto-stop function enables reproducible treatment results.

Low risk of bleeding

Because of the interstitial application, the mucosa stays intact and there is only a low risk of bleeding. Therefore, no nasal packing is required.


Celon ENT is easy to set-up and gives reliable feedback throughout the procedure, avoiding the need for estimating or externally counting time.


Safe and simple treatment is possible under local anaesthesia and therefor there is no need to use the operating theatre for procedures.

Time saving

One lesion takes only 6-10 seconds and preparation is minimised compared with laser treatment or with monopolar options.

With the Celon ENT system, you can achieve reproducible and effective results in an outpatient setting, with speed, safety and simplicity. At its technological heart, the innovative CelonLab ENT power control unit not only controls the bipolar RFITT applicators, CelonProCut system and bipolar forceps, it also monitors and regulates the soft-coagulation process automatically, giving the operator non-distracting acoustic signals throughout the procedure. For the treatment of a range of ENT conditions including snoring and sleep apnoea, the Celon ENT is the intelligent solution.

CelonLab ENT – the centrepiece of the Celon ENT system
CelonLab ENT is the intelligent power control unit used for deployment of bipolar radiofrequency induced thermotherapy (RFITT) applicators in ENT procedures.

CelonLab ENT – characteristics
The innovative CelonLab ENT monitors and regulates the entire soft-coagulation process automatically and controls the Celon bipolar RFITT applicators, CelonProCut system and bipolar forceps.

CelonLab ENT – simple set-up
Prior to treatment, it is only necessary to set the power recommended for the selected application and the desired treatment result.

CelonLab ENT – reproducible results
Automatic dosimetry control and 3D impedance feedback control ensure reproducible results. An acoustic signal provides continuous information on the progress of treatment and puts the doctor in direct control, without distraction.

CelonLab ENT – therapeutic effect
Once the defined lesion size has been reached, CelonLab ENT automatically reduces the power output. The soft-coagulation is completed and CelonLab ENT informs the doctor with an acoustic signal.

CelonLab ENT – for a wide range of ENT applications
For treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders and blocked nose, including snoring as well as nasal concha hyperplasia, palatine tonsil hyperplasia, webbing, uvula hyperplasia and mild cases of obstructive sleep apnoea.

Celon ENT – bipolar electrodes
The bipolar electrode configuration of the RFITT applicators allows the treatment area to be precisely defined, as the radiofrequency current flows exclusively between the two poles of the applicator tip.

Celon ENT – soft coagulation
The precisely defined tissue area is heated to approximately 80° Celsius by the radiofrequency current and is therefore thermally denatured in a tissue sparing and controlled way. Soft coagulation is generally achieved after just a few seconds.

CelonLab ENT – 3D impedance feedback control
CelonLab ENT ensures controlled power output throughout the coagulation process. An acoustic feedback signal informs the doctor of the treatment status at all times by measuring resistance in the tissue at the bipolar RFITT applicator tip.

CelonLab ENT – auto-stop function
When the defined impedance threshold is reached in the tissue, the coagulation is automatically ended and an acoustic feedback signal is emitted. The effects of excessive power application, such as carbonisation, are thereby avoided.

CelonProCut – cutting device
The Celon ENT system includes CelonProCut, a bipolar cutting system for the rapid and precise removal of tissue with reduced incidence of bleeding, reduced pain, swift wound healing and the ability to treat under local anaesthesia.

CelonProCut – compatibility
CelonProCut can be ideally used in combination with the CelonProSleep Plus to treat habitual snoring or for tonsillotomy.

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