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TURis 2.0

Bipolar Resection

The TURis 2.0 electrodes offer a greater resection surface and constant vaporisation with virtually no blood loss during the procedure. All procedures from vaporization, resection and enucleation can be performed with just the one system offering easy of use, the treatment of all prostate sizes, as well as economic benefits. Procedural wise instant ignition and a wider range of electrodes allow efficient and safe bipolar resection in saline in many indications for the prostate and the bladder shortening procedure times and reducing blood loss.

Key benefits

Reduced OR times with bipolar safety

The ESG-400 is the next-generation HF generator, and further improves the ignition performance of the large resection loop. The greater resection surface leads to reduced OR times, while maintaining all benefits of bipolar resection in saline.

Smooth operating with continuous plasma activation

Reduced set-up time, improved results and better haemostasis have already proven plasma vaporisation beneficial. The new HF generator allows prolonged ‘laser-style’ applications for easy operating, while obtaining smooth post-operative tissue, virtually no blood loss and potentially shortened duration of catheterisation and hospital stays.

Improved patient safety

With bipolar resection the current flow is focussed and does not run to a neutral electrode via the patients body, therefore decreasing the risk of nerve stimulation.

The large electrode range

Plasma Vaporization, TUEB and Large, Medium, Small and Needle Loop allow treatments of all indications and prostate sizes

Reduced risk of TUR syndrome

TURis 2.0 electrodes are utilized with saline minimizing the risk of TUR syndrome and allowing for extended procedure times.

Virtually bloodless procedures

Excellent haemostasis abilities with all TURis electrodes allow for virtually bloodless.

Efficient, resulting in time savings

TURis 2.0 electrodes require less set up, are self-cleaning and vaporise tissue rapidly, resulting in shorter, more efficient procedures.

Smooth cuts for improved pathology

TURis 2.0 electrodes resect tissue smoothly, giving ideal samples for pathology with minimal thermal spread.

TURis 2.0 is a revolutionary way to perform prostate resection and bladder cancer resection. Our range of electrodes allows safe, efficient and virtually bloodless TURis in patients with BPH or bladder cancer. TURis 2.0 equipment can easily be upgraded to benefit from photodynamic diagnosis (PDD) with the OES Pro PDD resectoscope system, which allows superior diagnosis and resection of bladder tumours. As resection is performed in physiological saline, there is a low risk of TUR syndrome, improving patient safety.

Plasma Vaporization, Large and TUEB Loop electrodes for all indications and prostate sizes
The Plasma Vaporization electrode enables easy-to perform, simple-to-set-up vaporization of the prostate. Gone are lengthy preparation times; only the electrode needs to be changed with the new plug-and-play TURis 2.0 system. The Large Loop electrode offers bipolar safety with the speed of monopolar resection for larger prostates. Naturally, our range retains the Small Loop electrode, which allows you to make precise cuts in TURis-B; and our Medium Loop electrode, which may be used for either TURis-B or TURis-P, as well as the TUEB electrode facilitating prostate enucleation.

From laser to plasma vaporisation – continuous and simple application
- Now faster – free continuous movement within the operating field ensured by the improved constant ignition
- Select from three effects to choose ablation rate
- Spherical design to match the anatomy for more precise and controlled tissue vaporisation
- Fast and easy set-up
- Short learning curve
- Improved haemostasis
- Clear and unobstructed view throughout the operation as neither tissue chips, nor laser impulses impair the vision
- Smooth post-operative tissue surface
- Potentially shortened catheterisation and hospital stay

The Large Loop electrode – faster resection through instant and reliable ignition
Combining the speed of monopolar resection with bipolar safety, resection with The Large Loop electrode powered by the new ESG-400 offers a much faster and smoother operation, making it also suitable for large prostates. The loop diameter has been extended beyond the size of monopolar loops, offering bipolar safety with monopolar resection speed.
- Faster resection with bipolar safety
- Three effect options to choose the coagulation zone desired
- Smooth cut and excellent pathological samples
- Reduced TURsyndrome
- Minimized obturator nerve stimulation
- Faster post operative recovery

TUEB loop - the enucleation loop
The TUEB electrode offers fast enucleation of larger prostates without having to invest in additional laser technologies. With the generation of the larger surface electrode visible at all times, the procedure becomes faster and safer.

Compatible with PDD
TURis 2.0 is compatible with the PDD resectoscopy system, allowing you to perform procedures with PDD, improving detection of cancer and CIS lesions in the bladder.

HD camerahead
In combination with the new HD camerahead, the procedure will not only be performed in true HD with a crystal-clear image, but also the narrow band imaging (NBI) mode in HD can be utilized at the touch of a button.

 Instrument name

HF-resection electrode, 12 pcs., sterile, single use, loop
12°, small
loop, 12°, medium
loop, 12°, large
loop, 30°, small
loop, 30°, medium
loop, 30°, large
band, medium, 12°
band, medium, 30°

HF-resection electrode,
12 pcs., sterile, single use,
angled loop, small
angled loop, medium

HF-resection electrode,
12 pcs.,
45° needle
WA22557Cbutton, for plasma vaporisation
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    TURis 2.0 Plasma Vaporisation

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    TURis 2.0 Transurethral Enucleation

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