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Flexible Video Endoscope


OLYMPUS leads the world in endoscopes. We always listen carefully to physicians and specialists on the medical front lines. Over and over, they have made two comments that particularly resonated with us. “We want to make every diagnosis more accurate.” And “we want smoother treatments for our patients.” We drew upon our decades of endoscope expertise and combined it with OLYMPUS’ proprietary optics technology. Now we can offer two new solutions: ENF-VH, with high definition (HDTV), and ENF-V3, which maintains high image quality while reducing the distal end outer diameter to a mere 2.6 mm. with these two new products, OLYMPUS offers a new examination environment for rhino-laryngo videoscopes.

Key benefits

Astounding Image quality

With advances in CCD technology, ENF-VH delivers high Definition images, which show even greater detail for examinations

ENF-V3 - Surprisingly Slim Diameter

The Distal end of the ENF-V3 scope is only 2.6 mm in diameter. Also the difference between diameters of the distal end and the insertion tube is minimal. This makes insertion into tight nasal passages much easier. With the CCD chip’s improvement, even this slim scope delivers exceptional image quality.

Narrow Band Imaging (NBI)

NBI is a new technique for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of laryngeal and hypopharyngeal disease. NBI is an optical filter that selects, from the whole spectrum of white light, only blue and green lights. Specific wavelengths of 415 and 540 nanometers have been identified to correspond to peaks of absorption of haemoglobin, in order to enhance visualisation of vascular patterns.

Exceptional Luminosity

Although it has a small diameter, the scope still illuminates a broad area, providing a detailed image of any lesions within the field of view. This exceptional luminosity is especially usefull when observing with NBI.

ENF-VH - Wide field of view

The ENF-VH has a viewing angle of 110°. With HD resolution and exceptional illumination, every area of the field can be thoroughly inspected.

Optical SystemField of view110°90°
 Depth of field5.0 mm - 50 mm3.5 mm - 50 mm
Insertion TubeDistal end outer diameter3.9 mm 2.6 mm
 Insertion tube outer diameter3.6 mm2.9 mm
 Working length300 mm300mm
Bending sectionAngulation rangeUp 130°/Down 130°Up 130°/Down 130°
Total Length 510 mm510 mm
NBI AvailableAvailable
Stroboscopic light source compatible YesYes
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    MP4 [4.6 MB] – ENF-VH

    ENF-VH - HD Rhinolrangoscopy with NBI

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    MP4 [13.52 MB] – ENF-V3

    ENF-V3 - Hi-resolution laryngoscopy

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    ENF-V3 with NBI

    MP4 [3.89 MB] – ENF-V3 with NBI

    ENF-V3 - Hi-resolution laryngoscopy with NBI

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    ENF-VH - 110° View

    MP4 [4.83 MB] – ENF-VH - 110° View

    ENF-VH - HD Rhinolaryngoscopy - 110° Full Screen View

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    ENF-VH - Full Screen HD

    MP4 [3.58 MB] – ENF-VH - Full Screen HD

    ENF-VH - HD Rhinolaryngosopy Examination

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    ENF-VH - Superior Illumination

    MP4 [5.14 MB] – ENF-VH - Superior Illumination

    ENF-VH - HD Rhinolaryngoscopy Examination

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    Narrow Band Imaging (NBI)

    MP4 [8.43 MB] – Narrow Band Imaging (NBI)

    Enhanced Surface vascularity with Narrow Band Imaging

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