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Video Network Solution


The ENDOALPHA Video Network Solution (VNS) is the smarter way to conduct video collaboration, mentoring and teaching. It distributes live, high quality video from multiple sources to wherever it is needed, such as doctors’ offices and teaching rooms. Recordings can also be viewed on demand with data protected at all times.

Key benefits

ENDOALPHA integration concept

As an integrated ENDOALPHA module, the Video Network Solution (VNS) provides state of the art streaming of endoscopic videos throughout the hospital.



With video-on-demand capability, students or assisting physicians can have access to videos at any time. It is therefore possible to build a valuable bank of teaching resources available at the touch of a button.

Integrated control of non-medical equipment


By combining the VNS with our VMC-3 control unit, video routing inside the operating room and video streaming can be controlled from one central platform. This optimizes workflows, especially for procedures meant for teaching and mentoring.

Supports mentoring from anywhere in the hospital


Doctors can now view and discuss procedures from virtually any hospital computer, enabling mentoring without physically being in the operating theatre.

Enables teaching and live streaming


Streaming live, high quality video and audio from multiple sources to teaching rooms provides a complete overview without crowding the operating theatre.

Coordination for increased efficiency


Unit managers can optimize coordination and efficiency of the unit due to the ability to show live videos from multiple rooms on a centralized display

The ENDOALPHA Video Network Solution (VNS) is a clear choice for high quality video-management. Both SD and HD internet streaming options make best use of limited bandwidths, reducing the risk of network congestion. Live streaming enables mentoring, collaboration and teaching without adding to operating room traffic. In addition, the ability to record and replay video on demand creates a powerful resource for teaching or gathering patient data. Setting HotMarks™ allows important parts of procedures to be accessed quickly and still images can be captured at any time during replay.

The Multi-Stream-Viewer enables multiple images to be viewed simultaneously on one monitor. Furthermore, the screen layout can be easily adjusted and customized to meet individual

Record any live stream on a central server for use in teaching sessions or to gather patient data. Important events during a procedure can easy be re-found through setting HotMarks™. During replay, still images can also be captured at any time.

High quality video streaming
The Video Network Solution is capable of streaming standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) video over an internet protocol (IP) network requiring only very limited bandwidth.

Services like LDAP and Active Directory are supported by VNS to force an integration of the central User and Right-management of the hospital.

The AES-encryption of the streams with up to 256 Bit secures the patient data and video during the transmission over the network of unauthorized access.

The access to the web-based player is password protected and allows only authorized user to join the live stream.

Network communication
Full multicast streaming support for most efficient usage of existing network. But also Unicast streaming is possible or a combination of both ways.

The industrial standard H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC Part 10) is used as an effective and quality saving compression.

Due to the low bandwidth needs, which can be further optimized by using the HiLo-streaming feature of the encoders, there are nearly no risks in congesting the existing network infrastructure. With HiLo-Streaming exactly the right quality and bandwidth can be provided to any PC watching a live source.

Zero Foot print
The player called InStream, which is needed to view the streams, can be run from any web browser without the need of any special installations on the PC. If desired, a large number of people (e.g. students) can easily access the streams. No platform dependency: Windows, Mac OS and Linux possible.

Remote Access ensures a fast reaction time for any service issue.

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