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Downloads for DS-3500

  • 11/05/2015

    Firmware update Version 2.01

    Fixed issue: 

    Freeze by executing the partial erase (256bit-encryption) in QP Mode 



    Firmware update Version 2.0

    1. Needed to support centrally managed firmware updates by third party software (using Olympus Audio SDK 2.00 or higher). 

    2. Improved performance with rewinding. 



    Firmware update Version 1.23

    The data loss prevention feature allows you to change DS-7000 and DS-3500 into a read only device when it is connected to PC. It prevents the careless copying of sensitive data from the PC and network. This function can be enabled in the workgroup mode of ODMS. 

  • Firmware Version 1.20

    1. Supports the Toshiba FlashAir card. The F3 button will become the WLAN button once a FlashAir card is inserted. The card will start sending WLAN signal when the F3 button is pressed, and files will become accessible from a PC or a smartphone(*).

    2. Fixes the bug that the recorder sometimes does not record even when the slide switch is positioned at REC if the slide switch was quickly slided between REC and REV many times.

    (*) See the manual (How to use the FlashAir card) for details.

    Ver. 1.10

    1. Enables the recorder to display content of a xml file.

    2. Adds 2 minutes and 5 minutes for the backlight illuminating time options.

    3. Enables to assign the ON/OFF setting of the speech recognition order to the Function buttons by ODMS(*). (Speech recognition will be performed for a downloaded file when the speech recognition order is turned ON)

    (*) This feature is available for ODMS R6.2 or later.

    Ver. 1.02

    1. Changes the logic to display the worktype select screen when the power is turned off and on right after a new file is created.

    2. Reduces noise when the device is used with Mac in Audio Class.

    Ver. 1.01

    1. Supports the function of obtaining a serial number information available in FileDownload SDK ver. 2.06.

    2. Fixes the bug that an Author ID isn't displayed properly when it has been changed by the ODMS.

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