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Downloads for Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit ‑ Silver Pro

  • Firmware update Version 1.01


    Fixes the bug about Charging 

    Fixes the bug that the "Cannot Charge" error can occur when remaining battery quantity is near full charge. 


    How to check the recorder's firmware version.

    1. Turn on the recorder. 

    2. Press the [F3] button. 

    3. Select the “System Info" in the “Device Menu”. 

    This screen will display the model number, firmware version and serial number of the recorder. 


    General precautions

    Read the following precautions before starting to update the recorder firmware. 

    Backup the files in the recorder before running the update program. 

    - This firmware update program is only for this model. 

    - Never turn off power to the computer while the firmware update program is running. 

    - Never turn off power to the recorder or disconnect the USB cable while the firmware update program is running. 


    Installation Instructions

    To update the firmware of the recorder, do the following: 

    1. Download the update file. 

    2. Connect the recorder to a computer running a supported operating system using the USB cable packaged with the recorder and wait until the recorder LCD displays "Remote". 

    3. Close all programs running on the computer. 

    4. Doubleclick the update file to begin the update. 

    5. Follow the on-screen prompts. 

    - During the firmware update process, the recorder will be updated twice. Once for the Sub CPU and the other for the Main CPU. 

    *In case batteries are inside the recorder, press F3 button of the recorder to exit from battery selection screen at each start of the update and continue the update. 

    6. When the update is complete, wait until the recorder LCD displays "Remote" and then disconnect the recorder. 

    7. Verify that the firmware version has changed to the new version number. 

  • Instruction Manual

  • Instruction Manual DS-2500

  • Instruction Manual

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