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All you need from dictation to transcription

Benefit 1: Enjoy Simplicity

You are looking for a dictation device which incorporates all the simplicity you are used to from your analogue device, but which provides you all the advantages of the digital era? You will love the digital dictation device DS-2500 and enjoy the simplicity of the same 4 button operation: Record, Rewind, Fast Forward and Stop. Thanks to outstanding ergonomics, the device is comfortable to operate even when using over a long period. Rely on the unrivalled Olympus quality: as with all the professional dictation solutions, this device is built in a robust metal body - thus being unbreakable. It remains light and easy to use and carry around with an elegant silver design.

Benefit 2: Save costs

You want to stop constantly spending on more and more microcassettes? Do you like physically handing over your dictations for transcription? You do not want to be bothered by limited recording time of a microcassette? The included SD-Card is providing you ca. 166 more than 6 days hours of dictatingrecording time. It can be inserted in any standard SD-Card slot of a PC or Mac. So neither you nor your typist have to adapt to new modalities – unless you want to. And you will save real money.


~ 60 Minutes

Save Money

1 SD Card with 2 GB = 9240 Minutes *using DSS Pro Audio Codec



Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit - Silver Pro

Benefit 3: Save time

Are you tired of typing? Are you looking for alternatives? 
Start digital dictation! And your document creation will be up to seven times faster.
 You can boost your efficiency even further with optional speech recognition by Nuance.

2 Minutes

14 Minutes

Benefit 4: Enjoy the beauty of digital quality

As a transcriptionist of course you know about all the disadvantages of using analogue microcassettes: poor sound quality, many background noises, time consuming fast forwarding and rewinding to find the desired position of the dictation and last but not least, annoying cable spaghetti. Let us introduce you to the beauty of digital quality in transcription: perfect, cristal clear sound and speech comprehensibility , easy dictation management and convenient control of transcription software (e.g. play, stop, rewind, fast forward) via foot pedal. You will never want to use any other transcription solution again!