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Overcome impairments

Designed to help

Olympus makes a range of recording devices that are well suited to the needs of the visually impaired. These recorders are also ideal for assisting dyslexics with mnemonic tasks. The ease of recording and playback can help to simplify many day-to-day activities immensely.

Recommended features

  • Voice Guidance and other usability improvements: Easy operation without looking, thanks to Voice Guidance that can vocalise the names of menu items on the screen, along with tactile buttons
  • Voice activation recording (VCVA) for hands-free recording
  • Multi-content player: Allows you to play back different content like music, audiobooks or even podcasts
  • Noise cancel, voice and low-cut filters for superb recording and playback sound quality


  • With Voice Guidance and 1.56" full-dot matrix LCD with backlit: