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Speech into writing

From speech to script

Olympus offers a number of specialised dictation systems for recording dictations and transcribing them into documents. The Olympus Dictation System comprises dictation devices, dictation management software and transcription solutions including footswitches and transcription headsets.

Recommended features for dictation recording:

  • Digital Speech Standard Pro (DSSPro): Recording format optimised for dictation requirements.
  • Dictation / Transcription Management Software included.
  • Professional editing functions, e.g.: Insert, Overwrite and Partial Erase.
  • Author ID Setting, "New Recoring" button and different folders for easy workflow and file management.
  • Index setting to mark particular positions
  • Recommended accessories (optional): Tie-Clip Microphone (ME15) to fix the tiny microphone at a distance, Noise Cancellation Microphone (ME12) for better sound in noisy environments. Telephone pick-up (TP8) records records both sides of a telephone conversation.

Dictation & Transcription

Professional Dictation Systems

Olympus' first class dictation devices are integrated with robust cross-platform solutions so that you can use your existing network to easily share and process dictation files with a team of transcribers, a colleague or throughout a large corporation and workflow infrastructure.

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