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Your mobile studio

Set new records

Whether you’re a musician, journalist or birdwatcher, top-notch sound will be essential to you. The Olympus LS series features better-than-CD recording quality combined with long battery life, durability and excellent value. The LS series also offers intuitive design, an excellent feature set and accessories tailored to your specific requirements.

Recommended features for high end recording:

  • High-quality built-in microphones: The use of machined aluminum enclosures of the microphones ensures that vibration can be kept to extremly low levels. Low-noise independent left and right amplify circuits further reduces the noise for truely faithful reproduction. Angeled outward at 90°, the twin microphone units can capture a natrual-sound stereo feeling.
  • Linear PCM Recording: The LS-Series supports linear PCM recording at bit rates up to 24 bits and sampling frequencies as high as 96 kHz - far surpassing the 44.1 kHz / 16 bits of CD-quality audio.
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL), measured in decibels (dB): A microphone with a high acoustic pressure capability is required to produce high-quality recordings without clipping (e.g. 120dB for professional vocal or live club performance. 130dB for percussion, drums or rock bands)
  • Smart Mode: The Smart mode automatically adjusts to the best levels to ensure professional results: It detects the maximum volume input during a set time interval and optimises the recording level.
  • Overdubbing: The overdubbing function enables you to dub sound over a file while listening to it. The recorded file is saved under a different name. This is useful when practicing song writing and musical instruments.
  • Multi Track Recording: The multi-track recording allows you to separately record instruments and voice and then edit and overlay each track. Multiple tracks can be edited and played at the same time.
  • Music Functions: Olympus’ recorders offer a variety of music functions like Metronome, Tuner, Key Shift or Trimming.


Ultimate compact music-taker

  • TRESMIC mic system for clear stereo and superb bass sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity gives you more flexibility
  • Super-small, metal body with light portability


High quality in the palm of your hand

  • 90° directional microphones for a great stereo feel
  • High build quality delivers clear sound
  • Super-small body with light portability


  • High-professional multi-track PCM Recorder (editing up to 8 tracks per project)
  • Maximum sound quality for up to 140dB sound pressure
  • Dual XLR/Phone combo jacks with Phantom Power Supply (48V/24V)

LS-14 / LS-12

  • Smart Mode: Automatic detection of best recording level
  • Tuner, metronome & overdubbing
  • Acoustic resistance of 130 dBspl