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Practice makes perfect

Making studying simpler

Wherever your studies require the repitition of texts and control of your knowledge, a recorder can help you to improve your skills. When learning a foreign language, there’s no substitute for hearing the sound of your own voice. Olympus recorder allow you to practice pronouncing words in the new language, play it back and compare it with a native speaker.

Recommended features

  • Built-in Stereo Microphones: Stereo microphones delivers stereo recordings with a natural sounding ambiance enabling to recognize the direction of the sound source.
  • Microphone sensitivity adjustment for setting the ideal level of sensitivity for the recording environment
  • Voice filter for clarifying and enhancing the sound of the human voice for clear playback
  • Playback speed control: Adjustable playback speed without affecting pitch for natural sound
  • Scene modes: Allow you to optimise the quality of your recording to specific sound types, automatically adjusting the parameters accordingly
  • Voice activation recording (VCVA) for hands-free recording

WS Series

Olympus WS Series stands for travelling light and achieves the thinnest body design. Each WS-stereo recorder comes with an integrated direct USB stick for cablefree PC connection and to store your digital data hassle-free. The built-in mp3 player allows you to playback training lessons most conveniently.

VN-PC Series

The VN-PCs are mono recorders which you can use to record conversations at a small distance. With their high-speed PC connection you can store and archive your recordings on a PC or share them with others.

VN-non PC Series

You don't need PC connection and not all features mentioned above are relevant. Check following products: