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Lectures to podcasts

Take digital notes

Anyone who has tried to take notes at a lecture and truly follow the speaker sentence for sentence will know it’s virtually impossible to take everything on board. With an Olympus recorder and for longer distances with specialised zoom microphones (ME32 or ME34, optional), you can record the lecture and listen to it again later, or even transcribe a lecture you’re unable to attend yourself.

Recommended features

  • Index Marks: This handy feature lets you set location marks in recordings so you can easily find important sections again, the more the better.
  • Voice Playback: This unique Olympus playback feature cleverly picks out the voices from your recordings and eliminates the silences between them to make the reviewing and transcription of your fi les quicker and more convenient than ever before.
  • PC connection enabling you to store and archive your files on a PC or share them with others
  • Voice filter for clarifying and enhancing the sound of the human voice for clear playback
  • Low-cut filter for preventing unwanted noise (e.g. air conditioners) during recording
  • Stereo zoom microphone: Can be set to various directional modes (from wide to zoom), capturing conferences and lectures from a distance in the best possible quality
  • Scene modes: Allow you to optimise the quality of your recording to specific sound types, automatically adjusting the parameters accordingly
  • Recommended Accesories (optional): Gun Microphone (ME32 or ME34), Tie-Clip Microphone (ME15), Remote Control (RS-30W) for DM-670 & DM-650


Thanks to it’s low-noise microphone design, the DM-Series boasts a sensational signal-to-noise ratio for outstanding sound quality. Meanwhile, the 90° outward orientation of the microphone unit delivers stereo recordings with natural sound ambiance.


The Olympus WS Series is dedicated to lightweight convenience, with a super-slim, compact design. The WS stereo recorders come with an integrated direct USB stick for wireless PC connection and digital data storage.