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Your digital notepad

Your remembering device

Shopping lists, errands and parking spaces - there is a lot to remember every day. More convenient than pen and paper, your Olympus can even record notes while you drive or ride a bicycle. In a busy world, Olympus recorders are the perfect aid for an overtaxed memory. Besides - Speaking is seven times faster than writing!

Recommended features for recording notes:

  • Microphone Sensitivity Adjustment to set the ideal microphone sensitivity according to the recording environment.
  • Playback Speed Control: Adjustable playback speed without affecting pitch for natural sound.
  • Different recording modes for the right balance between memory usage and recording quality.
  • Recommended accessories (optional): Tie-Clip Microphone (ME15), Noise Cancellation Microphone (ME12) for better sound in noisy environments.

VN-PC Series

  • PC connection: Allows you to store and archieve your recordings on a PC or share them with others.
  • Scene Modes: While you simply choose the scene mode in which you want to record (e.g. memo) your recorder sets the ideal parameters automatically.
  • Voice Activation Recording (VCVA) for handsfree recording.
  • Index marks make it very easy to mark and replay important points within a recording.
  • Different Folders allow you to manage your recordings.

VN-non PC Series


  • Simple button control concept: Simple operation, large screen and bigger buttons for more convenient operation.
  • Calender Search Function allows data to be located based on the recorded data, you can instantly find the recording you want to listen.