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DM‑5, Olympus, Audio Recording
DM‑5, Olympus, Audio Recording
DM‑5, Olympus, Audio Recording
DM‑5, Olympus, Audio Recording
DM‑5, Olympus, Audio Recording
DM‑5, Olympus, Audio Recording


State‑of‑the‑art stereo recorder
  • PCM: Superior‑to‑CD quality sound
  • Multi Content Player incl. Daisy
  • TTS reads textfiles to you


The DM‑5 is a state‑of‑the‑art voice recorder.
CD‑quality multi‑format playback and recording combine with sophisticated features like Voice Guidance, Voice Commands, Text to Speech and DAISY 2.02 to make DM‑5 the choice for discerning users. With linear PCM, MP3 and WMA compatibility, the DM‑5 is ideal for anyone who needs crystal‑clear sound anytime, anywhere ‑ from business professionals and journalists to photographers, students, the visually impaired and print disabled. With the DM‑5, users can enjoy a wide variety of media for work and leisure, including audio recordings, music, audio books, podcasts and images. The new series matches top media players feature by feature with up to 8GB of flash memory, a microSD slot, versatile recording options, multilingual menus, a large backlit colour display and rechargeable battery. What’s more, the supplied Olympus Sonority file management software is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

DM-5 Features

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  • Premium stereo sound

    Hear the difference that 48-kHz / 16-bit linear PCM recording and a top-quality microphone system can make.

  • User friendly display

    Enjoy easy operation of the DM-5 thanks to its high-resolution 2.2” QVGA full-colour LCD screen.

  • From text to speech

    Utilise the DM-5’s speech engine to turn texts into speech and listen to voice guidance and commands.

  • Speedy file management

    Always find audio files quickly with the DM-5’s choice of browser, chronological and keyword searches.

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