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The essential tool for business.

Smart and compact.

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Main Features

A stereo quality to every recording.

The low-noise directional stereo microphone with 90° layout creates a superb stereo quality which allows you to feel the full ambiance of a meeting – including the direction or location of the speakers in meetings and conferences.


    Built-in stereo microphone


    Efficient transcription mode


    Retractable USB stick


    Superior portability

Low-noise directional microphone

For high-quality stereo sound.


Integrated USB stick

For cable-less PC connection.


microSD card slot

For microSD/SDHC cards up to 32GB.


Control buttons

Functional, easy-to-operate layout.


Large LCD display

1.43-inch display with white LED backlight for outstanding legibility.


Front-mounted speaker

For easy listening during playback.



User-friendly design meets smart functionality.

The basic model of the WS Series boasts a range of useful functions and is perfect for daily business.




Built-in Memory


Files per folder

Additional Features

Low-Cut Filter

Less noise. More sound.


Scene Select

Optimized settings for optimal results.



Learn foreign languages with ease.

The new WS-831 DNS Kit:
Get more done in less time.

Make things easy: Prepare reports, emails or presentations using
your voice or dictate ideas on the go. Dragon NaturallySpeaking
automatically converts spoken words into text - which is pretty
handy considering that we speak seven times faster than we can write.

The WS-831 DNS is bundled with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Recorder Edition speech
recognition software. Languages supported include EN, FR, IT, DE, ES and NL.


Find the right product

Built-in Memory
(Max Recording Time: 493 hours)
External Memory
Recording Format
Zoom Microphone
Manual Rec Level
Low-Cut Filter
Noise Cancel
Voice Playback
Voice Balancer
Voice Changer
Shadowing Mode
FM Tuner
Scene Select
Calendar Search
USB Battery Charge
Alkaline Battery
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