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The new RecMic II Series:

Meet the smartest and most flexible USB microphones!

The new RecMic II Series:

Designed for best Results with Speech Recognition. Even in noisy Environments.

The new RecMic II Series:

Plug & Play

The RecMic II Series

EXPERIENCE A NEW DIMENSION OF SPEECH-to-TEXT. The RecMic II Series is created to cater to the highest demands of professionals who want the best usability and results with any speech-to-text solution. The four models of this new series are providing the exclusive benefits of the innovative noise cancellation technology with the unique Two-Microphone-System for flexible directionality and noise cancellation. All devices also come with an extra smooth UV-coating and silent buttons to reduce disturbing touch noises. The antimicrobial surface meets hygienic requirements, especially in medical areas.

Quiet Environment

Looking for the best recording quality in any environments? Anywhere and at anytime. You want to feel free to choose your location and enjoy the fresh air coming out of the open window. But then there is always the risk of unexpected noises.

Noisy Environment

The RecMic II puts an end to the risk of unexpected noises. The recording quality will not be declining because of background noises.

Beam Forming

Thanks to the most innovative intelligent two-microphone system of the RecMic II Series, background noises are actively ignored by the microphone, the best speech recognition accuracy is secured.

Directionality OFF

Having a strong directionality on the microphones is one of the key aspects to achieve accurate speech recognition results. When the Directionality is turned OFF, the noises from the surroundings are recorded.

Directionality ON

Thanks to the two omni-directional microphones the RecMic II is able to focus purely on the speaker like a human being. The surround sounds are “tuned out”.

The advanced noise cancellation feature identifies voice and keeps it as it is. At the same time non- or low-relative sound is suppressed without distorting the voice. Anytime. Anywhere.

The noise cancellation and directionality settings can be configured via the RCT (RecMic Configuration Tool) Software or via button combinations without any software (see Quick User Guide).

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Torsten Hein and Carsten Schulthes, Managing Directors of DAZ Diktiertechnik, Germany: "The record quality and the speech recognition of the test device are excellent, thanks to the highly sensitive microphones as well as the effective suppression of ambient noises. A unique feature is the possibility to individually map the keyboard, resulting in unmatched software compatibility. External software is recognized by the Olympus dictation devices. The buttons can be assigned with specific commands to control any operating system. This is a new and smart approach to gaining new users."

Romain Koenig, Head of the Technical Team at DICMA, France: “The tests we conducted in noisy environments show peak speech recognition performance. The tolerance to noise can be adjusted in seconds, just by pressing two buttons on the microphone, which allows to switch from a quiet to a noisy environment without any problem. Using HID mode on the new RecMic and the new foot controls allows our technical team to setup our clients without any drivers. No driver means that it works with any operating system, and the system is less likely to crash."

Jürg Sprecher, Systems Engineer at Voicepoint AG, Switzerland: “The technology provides optimum reduction of unwanted background noises and best results for transcription and speech recognition. The included software RecMic Configuration Tool (RCT) is looking modern and enables ease-of-use.“

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For developers: DIY

You develop your own software? You want to fully integrate the RecMic II to have full control of both obvious and hidden features? We have a simple to use Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows you to integrate Olympus Dictation hardware with minimal effort. Just apply for the latest SDK by clicking on this link.

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