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The all-in-one digital medical assistant

  • Reliable, future-proof device for all clinical needs
  • Efficient resource utilisation thanks to full integration
  • Secure and central real-time administration

VoiSquare: Main benefits at a glance

Professional dictation device


Patient information

Unlimited applications

Gain billable time

With VoiSquare, hospitals and doctors alike profit from more efficient processes – boosting your bottom line, maximising your cash flow and helping your hospital meet targets. Because the device leverages Wi-Fi for transferring dictations immediately upon completion, you can optimally manage and employ transcription resource to avoid overload. VoiSquare users see the following advantages:

  • more time for each patient*

  • much more patients can be visited per ward round than without VoiSquare*

*Actual time-savings may vary according to use and hospital procedures.


Our awards-winner:

VoiSquare Apps for every requirement

  • OLYMPUS Communication Gateway (OCG)

    All your patients are easily available to select and dictate a report. The patient list is updated directly and in real time by your HIS/EMR software via HL-7.

  • OLYMPUS VoiSquare Dictation (VSD)

    This professional OLYMPUS dictation app is the facilitator for a fast Speech Documentation Workflow.

  • VoIP

    Now you no longer need to carry around a separate phone –an optional VoIP App turns VoiSquare into a mobile/cordless phone.

  • HIS App

    An optional App from your individual HIS/EMR software provider gives you full access to all revelant patient data required for high-quality and successful patient care.

VoiSquare transcription solution

  • Classic Transcription: carried out by a typist

  • Advanced Transcription: supported by Speech Recognition

  • Documentation finished

Your new report is ready for quality check

Discover more about easy transcription with VoiSquare

Read more

Integration and Security

  • Administration:
    VoiSquare Remote Manager

    Read more
  • Integration:
    OLYMPUS Communication Gateway

    Read more

Secure data transmission

Seamless integration into your existing HIS

VoiSquare can be easily integrated into your existing hospital information system (HIS). With a clear focus on making processes smoother, VoiSquare can also provide access to study results, guidelines and other information via specialised apps. The integration of data exchange with your HIS is carried out using a HL-7 interface.

Leverage our complete VoiSquare service portfolio

VoiSquare Pilot


Solution Design Service


Implementation Service


Training Packages


Technical Support


Hardware Support


Update Service


System Healthcheck


Migration Service


Workflow Adaptation


Expansion Service


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