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this beauty is a beast


See the Beauty

Finest materials and timeless design combine to create a modern piece of craftsmanship.

Capture the moment in first class.
A real beauty as soon as you see it. A beast under the surface.
Photography can stop time.
Photography can change perspectives.
A match made in heaven.

Craftsmanship & Design

A unique piece of craftsmanship. Our most extraordinary camera. A story that has to be told.


The Jaguar E-Type and the Ford Mustang. Steve McQueen and Brigitte Bardot. The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The 1960s brought us a number of objects of desire. It is no surprise that an OLYMPUS PEN-F was sold then for the first time, too. With a new version of the PEN-F OLYMPUS revives the spirit of 1960s – only better.











Pure Inspiration

A timeless design. An extraordinary textured body. From the very first moment you touch the OLYMPUS PEN-F this camera will create a feeling of something special that will stay with you forever. The pure expression of OLYMPUS design that will inspire you for a lifetime.

Defining the exact position and the sizes of the Creative Dial and other buttons was a major challenge.
To design the camera in a way that doesn’t show any screws raises the quality to the limit.
„Always focus on the detail and you create your piece of craftsmanship.“ – Takeshi Noahara // Product Designer
The idea sketch: It shows the whole review period, from the first sketch until the complete design becomes more complete.
Clay design models were produced. They were modified with each production step.

Meet the Beast

The new OLYMPUS PEN-F is far more than just beautiful. It is the result of 80 years of camera history
and technical innovations. Are you ready to wake the beast?

Under the Hood


Smart is the new Sexy

// Craftsmanship & Design

The finest materials and the demand for highest quality combined with a timeless design make an extraordinary camera. But design is more than a stunning appearance and high-quality finish. Easy handling of all the many features was essential in the product design.


The Strength of Innovation

// Creative Dial

A goal every photographer wants to achieve: Taking pictures in their own style. That’s why we combined four features in our elegant Creative Dial. Once you have found your personal style you can save the exact settings for later use.


Quality meets Hell Yeah!

// Image Quality

Clear and crisp details and a resolution that leaves nothing to be desired. With innovative features like our Shake Stop and the Take Eight OLYMPUS creates a stunning image quality.


Seek and Find

// Intelligent Electronic Viewfinder

Our most extraordinary camera deserves nothing less than the smartest technology we can offer. That’s why our new PEN-F is the first OLYMPUS PEN with an electronic viewfinder in rangefinder style.


It’s the speed that counts

// Quick Response

We all know these moments that are so special that we want time to stop for a second. Moments that we want to remember forever. And here’s the good news: Our new features make this possible.


Like all stars

// Accessories

The finest equipment needs superlative accessories. So don’t be afraid to be a little more sophisticated. Of course, our demand for highest quality applies for our camera accessories, too. So it was obvious that we team up with the top French leather bag manufacturers Bleu de Chauffe to create an exclusive new range. Known for their high quality, locally designed and produced leather products, Bleu de Chauffe compliments the considered timeless quality that is the essence of the PEN-F. The range includes 4 items: two bags, one pouch and one shoulder strap.

Monochrome Profile Control Colour Profile Control Art Filters Colour Creator
The Strength of Innovation // Creative Dial

Direct access to 4 creative functions

With the new Creative Dial you have direct access to the Monochrome Profile Control, the Colour Profile Control, Art Filters and the Colour Creator.

The Strength of Innovation // Creative Dial

Monochrome Profile Control

With the Monochrome Profile Control you can set four different effects – like the Monochrome-Filter-Effect that imitates classical photo filters. With the gradation curve you can adjust contrast your photos on the camera. You would like to have darker shadows or a brighter light? A piece of cake with this new feature of the PEN-F. Using a shading effect or a film grain effect is possible, too.

The Strength of Innovation // Creative Dial

Colour Profile Control

With the Colour Profile Control you change the saturation of twelve different colours. A user who has favourite settings can reuse it again and again and is able to take pictures in an individual style.

The Strength of Innovation // Creative Dial

Art Filters

For a modern look OLYMPUS wants to give photographers the opportunity to style their photos with 14 different Art Filters.

The Strength of Innovation // Creative Dial

Colour Creator

Colouring a picture to create a special mood has never been so easy.

Quality meets Hell Yeah! // Image Quality

The 5-axis image stabilisation

An important component of the image quality of the OLYMPUS PEN-F. Thanks to that feature you can shoot at slower speeds with low sensitivities, making it much easier to take a photo without blurring.

Quality meets Hell Yeah! // Image Quality

M.ZUIKO Lens System

Designed to meet the needs of demanding photographers, these lenses were born of highest desire for breathtaking photography.

Quality meets Hell Yeah! // Image Quality

Image Processor

Crisp details, brilliant colours and a low image noise. This image processor ensures high image quality.

Quality meets Hell Yeah! // Image Quality

20M Live MOS Sensor

20 million pixels ensure a resolution that caters for every need.

Quality meets Hell Yeah! // Image Quality

50M HiRes-Shot

Eight shots combined in one picture increase the resolution for ultimate detail. This high res mode was especially created for work with tripods and still life.

Seek and Find // Intelligent Electronic Viewfinder

For the very first time

The OLYMPUS PEN-F is the first OLYMPUS PEN with an electronic viewfinder in rangefinder style – the High Visibility Viewfinder with 2.36 Mpixel resolution.

Seek and Find // Intelligent Electronic Viewfinder

Effect Preview

With the new viewfinder the effects of the Art Filters and the Monochrome Profile Control can be examined before you take a photo in any setting. See if a photo is exactly how you want it and adjust in real time.

Seek and Find // Intelligent Electronic Viewfinder

Stable Image

The 5-axis image stabilisation is able to stabilise the viewfinder and to support your framing as well.

It’s the speed that counts // Quick Response

Never Miss a Shot

Everyone appreciates a camera that takes a picture the very moment you press the shutter button. That is why the response time of the OLYMPUS PEN-F is stunningly short. And since we all like to compete: no other camera in this category has a shorter release time.

Get extras to make a bigger difference

Download the latest firmware update for your PEN F and enjoy new creative options for an enhanced photo-taking experience.

  • Import other Photographer’s Profile Settings

    Seen an image shot on Mono or Color Profile that you love? Now you can import the exact settings used and set them on your own PEN-F to use in your shots . Find out more and try some examples here.

  • Latest firmware key changes

    Along with the new ability to import Color and Mono Profile settings, shading effects have been added to Color Profile Control and Color Creator along with Bleach Bypass Art Filter. Not sure about how you update?

  • New exclusive accessories from Bleu de Chauffe

    A beautifully crafted camera needs an equally beautiful set of accessories and to celebrate the second birthday of their much loved PEN-F, Olympus have teamed up with top French leather makers Bleu de Chauffe to create an exclusive new range. Click here Click here

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